Car-seat colic

Q: Help! My baby despises her car seat and cries during every ride. 

A: This is a very challenging situation and a very good question. 

Being unhappy in a car seat can be related to a number of different causes: She may be tired and a car seat position may be one in which she can’t fall asleep. 

Some infants are sensitive to movement, and this can cause a type of motion sickness. Some infants get bored easily and would benefit from some sort of distraction. 

Finally, car seats can simply be uncomfortable for some infants.

One way to sort through these different possibilities is to have someone sit in the back with your daughter and see if she can be distracted. You also can try playing music or opt for shorter, more frequent rides. 

The good news is that this phase tends to be short and most babies eventually learn to tolerate longer car trips without crying.