Climbing out of the crib

Q: My toddler (20 months) is starting to climb out of her crib. Do we need a toddler bed already? 

A:  Yes. For your daughter’s safety, transitioning to a toddler bed is recommended. The act of climbing out of the crib is dangerous. It could result in a limb fracture from an arm or a leg trapped in between the crib slats, or, because a child’s head is often the heaviest part of their body, a fall from climbing out of the crib may result in a head injury. 

Aside from a toddler bed, another option at this age is a simple mattress on the floor. Both of these solutions ensure that a fall out of bed would rarely cause injury as the child is so close to the floor. 

However, parents should be prepared for less sleep due to frequent nighttime visits from their toddler! Establishing a bedtime routine can help your child understand that her bed is safe and comforting — and a nice place to stay for the whole night.