Diaper rash creams

Q: What products do you recommend for chronic diaper rash? 

A: Diaper care and the prevention of rashes have become much easier in many ways as diaper technology has evolved. 

Improved absorbency of diapers prevents persistent wetness on the skin. Changing diapers as soon as they become wet or soiled also helps prevent rashes.

Much of the irritation seen in the diaper area tends to be caused by the use of diaper wipes, especially in infants who have sensitive skin or frequent, loose stools. 

Rinsing out pre-moistened diaper wipes with warm water before using them can go a long way to reducing diaper irritation.

If there still seems to be a need for a cream or ointment, products that create a barrier between the skin and the diaper tend to work well. Products that contain about 50 percent petrolatum work well, as do products that contain 40 percent zinc oxide.

If a rash persists, schedule a visit to your pediatrician. There are some conditions that may need special treatment — such as eczema or a superficial infection.