The importance of well-baby visits

Q: I’m wondering about the value of the many well-baby visits required for my 6-month-old. She seems very healthy. Why do they need to see her so often?

A: Children should have routine well-child visits quite frequently, especially during the first two years. Though it can feel taxing, this schedule of visits was developed by expert pediatricians during the last several years. It’s seen as a best practice for monitoring a child’s growth and development, encouraging age-appropriate nutrition and immunizations, informing parents of important safety tips and setting expectations between visits. 

Infants and toddlers are rapidly changing and there’s much parents can do to create a better — and safer — environment for young children. 

In addition, signs and symptoms can emerge that will alert your clinician to other things that might need to be evaluated with a young child. 

Finally, for a small group of children with significant health needs, helping to establish a close working relationship with a clinic is created through frequent visits.

And, remember, you need to take care of yourself as well. Often, parents become so busy they forget to go in for their regular check-ups. Preventive visits for adults are generally recommended annually. How often you see your doctor depends on your gender, age and family history. Ask your doctor how often you should be seen.