Water safety

Q: We’re past the stage of baby-and-me swimming classes. When is a good time to enroll my twin sons in swimming lessons?

A: Helping children be safe and comfortable in and near the water can start at a very young age, as you’ve already learned. 

Once a child is about 3 years old, families can usually find places in their community that hold swimming classes for young children ready to go in the water without their parents. 

Even if your child is in swimming lessons, consider spending additional time doing water activities as a family. 

Your kids will be very excited to show off their new swimming skills, and there’s no better place to see these achievements than right in the water with them.

Time in the water combined with the right amount of safety measures will end up with the best experience for children and parents alike. 

This column is intended to provide general information only and not medical advice. Contact your health care provider with questions about your child. Dr. Peter Dehnel is a board-certified pediatrician and medical director with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota. Send questions to drdehnel@mnparent.com.