Dr. Allison Golnik
Ask the Pediatrician
Experiencing your baby’s first tastes of real food is a fun and exciting adventure. It’s recommended that babies start foods that go beyond breast milk and formula at 4–6 months old. Too early could interfere with the nutrition your baby needs from breastmilk or formula, while too late puts your baby at risk of missing out on the nutrients provided by solid foods. Babies need to be able to sit with support, have good head control and indicate an interest in food (by... more
Stop the sick cycle
Q: We all have colds (again). How can we keep our household from being constantly ill?A: Viral upper respiratory illnesses (colds) are par for the course here in Minnesota. Your child starts to sniffle, and before you know it, the whole family is sick. Most “colds” start with nasal congestion and a sore throat and then move into a... more
11 tips for curing constipation
Q: Help! I think my child is seriously constipated!A: Constipation is more frequent in kids than most of us think, and it comes in many forms — infrequent hard stools, but also large stools, intermittent abdominal pain and even urination and bedwetting problems. If you’re not sure if your child is suffering from constipation, check... more