Heidi Croatt
On Behavior
Q: How long can my kids bathe together?A: For the most part, it’s up to them!The key with nudity and privacy isn’t the age of the children, but rather the family culture around nudity and privacy. If your kids like taking baths together, let them!Our kids will tell us when they’re ready for more privacy. Some kids will simply state that they want to take a bath alone. But others might not think that’s an option if they’ve only ever bathed with a sibling. So, you may need to look for other... more
It’s not always about sex
Q: My 4-year-old asked, ‘Where did I come from?’ How much is he ready to know?A: This is the big question we all worry about answering: How much is too much? When is it too early? Too late? Here’s what you need to know: To best answer this question, you need to think about some key factors. First, age matters. The way you respond to... more