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I still have a great wardrobe — even if I can’t leave my house. Some friends and I started @DistanceinDisDress on Insta to see each other’s faces and dress in our most ridiculous — and cute — clothes for inspiration and a moment’s silliness. Everyone’s welcome — no dress required! DM your photo to join the feed or just follow along.instagram.com/distanceindisdress more
Empathy is a superpower
Whew. Well. So here we are. Seemingly overnight, everything’s changed. Like many working families, we’re now mostly sequestered at home, fending off cabin fever, and trying to work from home — something I’ve done for a long time, but never like this — and also supporting our children’s heroic teachers by trying to corral our three-ring... more
I heart Katy Vernon
London-born Twin Cities songbird Katy Vernon wields a big voice and a tiny instrument — the ukulele.I caught the sweet mother-daughter video for the dance-worthy, trumpet-laden In Your Shoes (For Daisy) and dissolved in a puddle of tears. The good kind.katyvernon.com • tinyurl.com/in-your-shoes  more
The nausea is real
You don’t realize how many TV shows and movies feature someone throwing up until you have a pregnancy-induced hair-trigger gag reflex. If I had to hazard a guess, I would say a solid 86 percent of them.I’m really sorry if you’re reading this and in this position — and just the mention of it sent you running for the bathroom. Really... more
Mrs. Quimby, I salute you
I had a moment of realization that I was truly growing up while watching Friday Night Lights (for the first time) a few years back. Coach Twinkle-Eyes was my pick, not the long-haired hunk Tim Riggins. Look, the rebel with a heart of gold who also happens to be smolderingly handsome — I really get it. But I was so far from... more
Cleaning sprays
Eco-friendliness is always important to me, but the big reason I keep coming back to Biokleen bathroom cleaner and Bac-Out is because they work better than anything else I’ve ever tried. Plus they smell delicious.  biokleenhome.com more
Mothering the mother
I was in a bind. My 3-month-old daughter was in an awful daycare. It was nearly seven years ago and thinking about it still turns my thigh bones to jelly. I waited too long to find a daycare — half anxiety, half ignorance — and I made the best choice I could, and then my fears of leaving a child with a stranger came true. ... more
Bath salts
Banish yourself to the bathroom with me. I love Dr. Teal’s Pure Epsom Salt Soaking Solution, even if I don’t understand how it works. I like the sweet-orange pink Himalayan best, but the coconut and lavender are lovely, too.$5 • target.com  more
Bourbon in the bathtub
Just like there’s no crying in baseball, is there no crying in motherhood? I had retreated to the bathroom, as bidden by my husband, after I threw an adult-size temper tantrum about … everything. I ran the bath extra hot, poured in coconut oil Epsom salts and swished it with my hand. I picked out some music on my phone. I... more
Relaxy pants
Thanks to my sister — who delivered these softest-soft joggers to me for my recovery — I discovered Hello Mello loungewear. You'll never want to take off these Carefree Threads Black Jogger Pants.$25 • hellomello.store  more
When life gives you the Heisman
I'm talking about the trophy. The stiff-arm pose of the man ON the trophy — in your face.It happened to me recently. I woke up, just after falling asleep, with a searing pain in my chest. In my stupor, I thought it was indigestion — I had eaten a big pizza and drank a cider with dinner — so I took antacids and tried to go back... more
Local lip balm
Twin Cities-based Kind Lips is on a mission to make the world a better place with its 100% natural, gluten-free, cruelty-free, organic lip balm — available in tasty flavors like Georgia Peach, Sweet Mint and others, plus unscented. In addition to its mantra to #saysomethingkind, the brand is spreading goodwill by donating 20% of its... more
A collection of tiny things
I remember how, and roughly when, it started because of what she wore: an adorable double-breasted coral-and-white-striped coat (pictured below), a gift from my best friend, that I would put her in as often as possible. Ruby was 18 months old.She loved her little wooden push-cart, and we would push it up and down our sidewalk each... more
Never, ever enough time
Like Jessie Spano of Saved by the Bell memorably sobbed: “There’s never any time!”There isn’t. I’m constantly fighting the clock. Get kids up, fed, dressed, packed for the day, out the door so I can work, so I can pick them up on time, dinner, nighttime routine forevermore, amen. They don’t even do any scheduled activities yet! (... more
How we even live like this
A year ago, we moved from a home I thought we’d live in forever to the dream we almost didn’t even know we had until the opportunity presented itself — a 1921 French Revival home that needed a total renovation. At the time, we had three kids aged 5 to 1. And my husband and I are both self-employed. What could go wrong?... more
Keys/phone locator!
Oh, the stress and time I have saved with a Tile. I hit a button on my phone or my keys, which then beeps the phone or keys, so I can find them—fast.$25 • thetileapp.com more
Existential parenting
I’ve always been a little … shall we say … existential? Even as a small child, I asked my mom about when the sun would blow up. She’d always tell me that it was so far into the future, it wasn’t even something we had to worry about. I worried about children 10,000 generations in the future anyway. What would happen to them... more
Okayest necklace
So this is cool: A piece of jewelry was inspired in part by my World's Okayest Mom column.Larissa Loden’s Worlds Okayest Mama necklace comes with three postcards with funny, smart phrases of encouragement.Bonus: $5 from each purchase goes to Everyday Miracles and the Jeremiah Program, both local organizations.$56 • larissaloden.com more
Counting the memories
We were driving to pick up Remy and Eero at daycare when it came lilting on the radio. One, two, three, four …Tell me that you love me more.Ruby piped up from the back seat: “Hey, uh … don’t I know this song?”It took me a beat. I looked into the rearview mirror. I saw a young girl looking back at me. Not a baby. A wrecking... more
Our witching-hour antidote
I always thought the witching hour was just for brand-new babies. Maybe because when I was reading about it, I was trying to quell a squalling infant at 5 p.m. every day and had no space to think of anything else at all. But my kids are 6, 4 and 2, and the witch still visits. Walking in the door from school/daycare, making and... more
Zhoop, there he is!
Lest you don’t believe that when you have children you are imbued with a certain set of superpowers automatically, let me submit the following for evidence:I was having an extraordinarily rare relaxing moment with my husband. We were watching Better Things on our iPad in bed. Eero, our youngest, was snuggled up, sleeping on my chest. The... more
The double shift persists
I found out I was in preterm labor with my first child about 31½ weeks into my pregnancy.So I spent seven weeks on bedrest working from my laptop — I was even supposed to limit my trips to the bathroom — because I had to save my short-term disability pay for maternity leave. The possibility of a NICU stay was looming, so I was... more
Long-term ‘survival mode’
So, on the night Ruby came home, I nursed her, and then I rocked her, sang my first lullaby, with tears streaming down my face — happy, surreal moments mixed with massive hormone shifts — and then I caaaarefullllllly laid her down in the pack-and-play, which was right next to my bed. The second her tiny, dark-haired head deigned to... more
Micro journal
This is the closest I come to making baby books: Modern One Line a Day: A Five-Year Memory Book encourages you to pen just a few sentences a day. Mine’s filled with the magical and the mundane — when I manage to fill it in. When I look back on it, I’m flooded with memories that might not have ... more
Skin-care splurge
I'm vain, and haven’t slept in years, so I’m constantly trying to preserve what unlined skin I have left — without needles or lasers. My new fave is Little Barn Apothecary’s Calendula + Lycopene Hydration Mask and Mild Exfoliant — one of the few I can tolerate with dry, sensitive skin. I’m noticeably glowier after 20 minutes... more
A love letter to our daycare provider
In an ideal world, I would soak up every magical moment with my kids — and all the moments would be magical. And I’d stay home with them at least until they were all in school full time. Mama knows best, right? There’s a real part of me that will always feel that way. But the truth is, there ARE some... more
Zen for kids
One of my faults is my firecracker temper. Meditate With Me: A Step-By-Step Mindfulness Journey, geared toward ages 4 to 8, has been awesome for my children — and me — because its 40 instructive pages help us all practice mindfulness.$17.99 • amazon.com more
Birthing a revolution
January is figuratively a time of rebirth for many of us — or at least we resolve for it to be for about 48 hours. But for me it’s literally a month about birth and rebirth. First, my entire identity changed as I became a mother for the first time during the Polar Vortex of January 2013. (My daughter will forever hear how we brought... more
Usually the dread that comes from your kid having strep throat is the extra-long Q-Tip swirl around the throat and tonsils — and its inevitable gag (and subsequent tears). But if the culture pops up positive, you get a quick antibiotics prescription and your child is good as new in a matter of days. Case closed, right? ... more
Hawaii with kids?
Want to ratchet a parent’s blood pressure up about 30 points? Ask if they relish the idea of boarding a plane with tiny, sticky humans who consider themselves conscientious objectors to sitting down, inside voices and not kicking seatbacks. Things I have feared — besides my very own mortality, but perhaps with the same... more
Indie rock
Courtney Barnett’s latest, Tell Me How You Really Feel, reminds me I’m still a little wild grunge rocker at heart. I just dance with my babies in the dining room instead.$19 on vinyl • amazon.com  more
Chic urban salon
The other day a woman stopped me and said, “I love how your hair matches your pants.” I guess I inadvertently started a new trend. My six-week appointments at Haus Salon (two Minneapolis locations) refresh my color and also my outlook. They also reset my patience with my kids. — Katie Dohmanhaussalon.com more
His first (gulp) haircut!
My 3½-year-old son had long hair up until about a week ago. Long as in, halfway down his back. It capitalized on this laidback surfer vibe he seems to give off, and more than one person has called him “Spicoli.” Why did I allow it to grow so long? A bunch of reasons — stubbornness, lack of time, not wanting to deal with a possible... more
Lip color
Need an instant face or mood pick-me-up? Get to know Lakshmi, a blazing pink lip color from the local miracle workers at The Elixery. Teeth gleam, eyes sparkle, can't lose.$22 • elixery.com/lakshmi more
A love letter to reading
My childhood bedroom windows faced south and east, and in the spring, our lilac bushes bloomed and the apple tree blossomed. The breeze would blow, carrying a heady, sweet-spicy smell through my window and over my blue-and-white gingham comforter. I laid my freshly washed, braided hair across my flannelly Care Bears pillowcase. I was... more
Kid nail clippers
Nix the nippers and use the finer, nuanced blades of cuticle scissors for trimming kids’ nails. See better and cut more accurately. No boo-boos, owies or bandages, just salon-worthy mani/pedis.  $6.29 • amazon.com more
You have my permission
I wish we could power the world with unasked-for advice. Think about it — totally renewable, takes up space only in the air (though it does sometimes demolish the psyche) and it’s endless! Someone get me a Nobel, I’ve finally found a use for the stuff. And the advice never comes faster or as furiously as when people discover... more
The IUD is back (and better)
In 1960, a prescription drug designed to suppress ovulation and inhibit conception — widely known and universally referred to as The Pill — liberated a generation of women, allowing them to take control of their sexual health for the very first time in history. If you came of age in the ’80s or ’90s, your provider likely floated The... more
The sweatshirt dress
Sweatshirt dresses are wardrobe chameleons. Also known as T-shirt dresses, they feel like your favorite hoodie and can be worn with tennies and a macaroni necklace, but polish up nicely with heels and statement jewelry.  — Katie Dohman$98 • athleta.com more
There she goes
I remember a few things about my first day of kindergarten. My pleated, plaid wool skirt itched. My mom made me pin my bus schedule to my pink sweater vest. My teacher was Mrs. Seath, whom I immediately loved because she had long, curly black hair that she could whip into a braid, lightning fast, secured with a bright scrunchie. ... more
In the age of apps, call me a brontosaurus. I can’t live without my Ban.do planner. I make All the Lists with monthly/weekly views, note pages and stickers. My inner 8-year-old: Thrilled. Adult self: Organized. August–to–August formats are for sale now. — Katie Dohman$20–$32 • bando.com more
The things we grew
We planned on living in our current house forever. It’s midcentury modern, and has the elusive fourth bedroom. It’s in a great location — we can walk to a small grocery store when we’re out of coffee (a true emergency if there ever was one) — and there’s a splash pad across the street. Most notably, it was here that I started to... more
Shower cap
I know this seems like the bougiest thing ever, but Shhhowercap is worth its weight in gold. It holds TONS of hair and never smells of mildew. I hop outta the shower (without the tell-tale damp edges), spray dry shampoo and go. You can even wear it as a hat — hair out! — because it’s just plain gorgeous. — Katie Dohman$43 • shhhowercap.... more
Waiting for Papa Yaya
It’s January 852nd, 2018. There’s a blizzard warning. Snow is flying sideways when my tulips should be coming up — Facebook Memories cruelly rubs it in when I check to see who else is whining about the weather.All the couch cushions are tossed haphazardly on the floor in a makeshift fort, toys flung... more
The art of chaos
This column — my debut in Minnesota Parent! — was turned in late. Here’s why: Working motherhood is kind of for the birds. I’m a freelance writer and have three kids under 5. I know. If you look up “total chaos” at Dictionary.com, my family’s photo is riiiiiight there. My 3-year-old, the middle kid, was going through the final... more