Maggie Sonnek
My husband and I sit at Big River Kombucha’s taproom sipping cans of fermented tea. I like Paddleboat Peach; he prefers Driftless Ginger Lime. Our three kids dance and play nearby to the music of the Sawtooth Brothers, part of a free concert series. Time seems to stand still. Just 60 miles southeast of the Twin Cities, we’re surrounded by sweeping green valleys and rolling bluffs overlooking the wild yet graceful Mississippi. And for our little family, life has transformed, too.... more
How to mom-date like a pro
I knew I was officially a mom-dater when, sitting on the couch after the kids were asleep, I squealed after hearing the ding on my cell phone, alerting me that my new — dare I say friend? — had texted me back. We had met earlier that day at my daughter’s softball practice. She was the coach and, I was sure, the one who could be... more