Michele St. Martin
On Behavior
Ruby was a bubbly 6-year-old who usually bounced out of bed in the morning, excited for a day at school with friends and Ms. Martinez, her cherished teacher. Ruby had attended a mind-boggling number of birthday parties since the beginning of the school year, and also had playdates with several friends from kindergarten who were now in her first-grade class. Her mother, Lyn, was surprised when Ruby told her one morning, “I don’t want to go to school anymore. I don’t have any friends.”“... more
A STEM camp for girls
For parents of a child with a disability, it can be a challenge to find a summer camp that’s fun, rewarding and welcoming. “It’s so hard to find activities, especially for girls on the autism spectrum,” one mom told The PACER Center.PACER is out to change that. Every August for the past 14 years, PACER, located in Bloomington, has... more
Child care for your kid who has a disability
Q: Are all types of child-care centers required to accept children with disabilities? A: Yes. The Minnesota Human Rights Act requires that all public accommodations, such as child-care centers, provide access to their services to individuals with disabilities. Are child-care centers required to accept all children with... more
Parenting your typical child
It’s not always easy to have a sister or brother with a disability.But there are profound benefits: Siblings of children with disabilities are often more empathetic than other children.Loving someone with physical, mental or emotional challenges can lead children to learn kindness and caring. Siblings in this situation also may become... more
Today's Pictures, Tomorrow's Legacy.
Scrapbooking preserves family memories.Sharon Kirts was devastated when her younger son, Joshua, died in a ski accident. So was his older brother Ben, who never wanted to be an only child. Sharon, an attorney from Crystal, started working on a scrapbook about Joshua, primarily for Ben's benefit-and discovered that documenting... more