Parenting 101

I have so much to learn.

That’s what I keep thinking as I travel down the winding, wonderful road of parenthood with my 5-year-old son.

Every time I think we’ve figured it out, I realize there’s more to discover. I want to teach our boy everything. I want to empower him to take care of himself. But what are best ways to do that in a world of constant change and endless contradictions (especially when we feel so dang tired)?

Here at Minnesota Parent — where I’ve recently taken over as Editor — we’re lucky to be surrounded by experts, including parents just like you and me, working every month to help us all do our best. 

Take our awesome April issue: You’ll find not only what to look for after your child bumps his head hard (with our feature on concussions), but also tips from our columnists to help you put the fun back into team sports, celebrate Earth Day with your toddler, and even how to take care of yourself (no, really, we mean it this time) after having your second child. 

With this issue, I’ve learned: Help is all around. Did you know, for instance, you can start talking to kids as young as 3 about how to manage money, thanks to cool new resources for parents (Grows on Trees)? There are even simple strategies to help left-handed kids feel less like they’re living in a right-handed world (Ask the Pediatrician). 

Suddenly, it doesn’t feel quite so impossible (except when I’m trying to get my kid out the door in the morning). In fact, I’m thrilled to be a part of Minnesota Parent because we’re going to have fun, too: Kids aren’t just exasperating and exhausting, after all. They’re downright hilarious (every day!) and often enlightening. They teach us.

Speaking of enlightenment, I want to learn more about you: What parenting struggles are on your mind now? What do you want to read about most in our magazine? What tips can you share? Write me at

I expect us to learn a lot together.

Sarah Dorison is the Editor of Minnesota Parent and Minnesota Good Age magazines. She lives in Golden Valley with her husband and their 6-year-old son. Follow her parenting adventures and photography at Write her at