Spring is here! Right?

Well, time will only tell just when spring will arrive for good. But, when it does, you’ll be ready with our May issue of Minnesota Parent magazine!

We're taking you to five different waterfalls across the state — perfect outings with young kids who really need a goal, such as a gorgeous destination, to get motivated. Then we’ll help you get busy gardening with a fantastic menu of easy container projects, designed just for busy parents with kids, young or old. Come August, we hope you’ll be basking in the golden glow of your child’s very own sunflower pot while chomping on freshly grown pea pods and cherry tomatoes.

I’ll definitely be gardening with my 5-year-old son, who delights in exploring our gardens every day after school. We check to see which seeds have sprouted and if any plants have new flowers. We plant sugar snap peas every year. And, as they grow into vines and produce their pretty white flowers, I encourage him to discover the first pea pod of spring.

He always finds it before me, of course. (And if he didn’t, I’d let him find it anyway.)

Then, even though he’s not much of a veggie man, he always chomps down on the fresh, green crunchy pod with pride. I think he can taste spring in every bite.

But, of course, there’s more to life than gardening. With this issue, we’re also here to help you play it safe this spring — with Joy Riggs’ column on water safety and with Jen Wittes’ piece on personal safety. I was encouraged to learn from Jen that parents needn’t get bogged down in the complexities of stranger danger to talk about personal safety with toddlers. (Jen’s even found a cool book you can try!)

Parents also needn’t beat themselves up over not doing enough for their kids, according to our Baby on Board columnist Shannon Keough. I was thrilled to hear her embrace the idea of “good enough” parenting — the concept that every moment can’t be Pinterest-perfect, that we need to tell ourselves, as parents, that we can’t do it all, and we shouldn’t.

Whatever you find yourself doing this spring — it might just be nursing a newborn child, and I mean “just” ironically — be sure to stop and take a moment to enjoy the fresh new life that the season brings. As we all know, it will go, as childhood does, way too fast.

Sarah Dorison is the Editor of Minnesota Parent and Minnesota Good Age magazines. She lives in Golden Valley with her husband and their 6-year-old son. Follow her parenting adventures and photography at instagram.com/mnparent. Write her at editor@mnparent.com.