This too shall pass

I remember when our son — who started full-time daycare at 4½ months old — got sick ALL THE TIME.

My husband and I went to work each day wondering if we’d get “the call” — fever, random vomiting, pinkeye, unexplained full-body rashes, constant crying.

We’d bargain desperately with each other, trying to figure out who could take the sick time, whose job had been compromised more in the recent weeks, who had the more important deadlines and who could be gone the next day instead — because our child would be banned from daycare for at least 24 hours.

It was a grind, a nearly three-year limbo of never knowing when our so-called regular lives would be derailed and when we’d see our little guy suffer next (which was the worst part). Never mind the fact that we all had to steel ourselves for lost sleep, too.

Our friends told us it wasn’t our fault for having our son in daycare so young. It was just part of the first few years of being with other kids, they said. If it didn’t happen now, it would be during preschool or kindergarten, our doctor said.

Everyone promised our son would build up immunity and things would calm down.

And, I’m here to tell you, things did calm down.

Our son is 9 now and (knock wood) he rarely gets sick-sick, which means he almost never needs to stay home from school. And when he does, he’s old enough now to chill a bit while we work from home. Thank goodness!

Of course, we still need to work hard to stay on top of his overall health. But we aren’t living in as much day-to-day uncertainty. (Now we’re focused on improving those darn eating habits and getting him to the dentist/orthodontist!)

If you’re still in the early years, I feel for you. I wish I could keep your kiddos from getting sick (and getting each other sick — and you). I wish I could help you avoid all the worry and doctor visits that are part of early parenting. 

What I can give you is this month’s magazine — our awesome annual Health Issue! On the pages ahead, you’ll find a parent-approved cold medicine for toddlers age 2 and up; a healthy, kid-friendly flatbread recipe (tested by yours truly); an eye-opening story about essential oils; articles on the surprisingly high importance of your kid’s vision and bone health (who knew!); and one mom’s story of her own 14-year journey back to real exercising after having four kids.

You’ll also find stories that address mental health, including a fascinating look at mindfulness among school kids, and a piece about serious disorders to watch for postpartum among new moms (and dads).

I hope you learn something new from our magazine this month. 

I know I did!