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Indestructible books for the kids, and one for you

The World According to Toddlers

By Shannon Payette Seip and Adrienne Hedger
Andrews McMeel Publishing, $12.99

The best way to navigate the world of toddlers (and stay sane) is to have a sense of humor. The World According to Toddlers offers comic insight into the entertaining and often exhausting toddler lifestyle to help parents find the humor and appreciate this once-in-a-lifetime stage. Colorfully illustrated with stories, cartoons, diagrams, and more, this book will help parents through epic meltdowns, potty training, troubles and bizarre wardrobe choices.

Barnyard Dance!
Pajama Time!
Belly Button Book!

By Sandra Boynton
Workman Publishing, $9.95 each

Three of Sandra Boynton’s most beloved, best-selling titles are now available as lap-sized board books. With their appealing format and sturdy board construction, these three titles are easy for little fingers to grasp, and a good size for big people to read aloud during story time.

Creep! Crawl!
Flutter! Fly!
Wiggle! March!

By Kaaren Pixton
Workman Publishing, $4.95 each

Torn edges, ripped-out pages, mysterious bite marks—yet another book ruined? Not with these indestructible, 100% baby-proof books, built for the way baby “reads”: with their hands and mouths. Colorful illustrations are printed on waterproof, 100% washable high-density material that looks and feels like paper, but is not. Make up your own stories based on the lovely images.

How Big is the Lion? My First Book of Measuring

By William Accorsi
Workman Publishing, $14.95

Though the book says age 4 and up, older toddlers love to take the small wood ruler and lay it over various animals, hearts and other objects to see how long they are.
A great, interactive book for parent and child to use together. Also comes with a growth chart decorated with illustrations from the book.