BOOK SHELF // Kids on the Cusp

No longer a kid, but not quite yet a teen, these books are for the tween set looking to expand world knowledge and gain a glimpse into their very near futures

I, Q series by Roland Smith
Sleeping Bear Press, ages 10+, $8.95 each

New stepsiblings Q (Quest) and Angela trail their rock-star parents around the country while getting to know each other in these fast-paced thrillers. This family trip is anything but boring, and the teens soon find themselves working with the Secret Service and revealing Angela’s secret past. In the second volume, the pair again works toward separating good from evil as they take on the White House.

The Chosen One by Carol Lynch Williams
St. Martin’s Griffin, ages 12+, $16.95

Thirteen-year-old Kyra grew up in a polygamist family: Her father has three wives and 22 children, and Kyra has been promised as her 60-year-old uncle’s seventh wife. Reading books she secretly obtained from a library-on-wheels, Kyra begins thinking more of a world not under the Prophet’s rule, a world where she would be free to marry her secret boyfriend. Kyra’s shattering story and
the secrets of polygamist compounds are told through the digressing thoughts of a fictional teenager who dared to want something different. 


The Pirate Captain’s Daughter by Eve Bunting
Sleeping Bear Press, ages 12+, $15.95

Catherine’s mother has died and Catherine refuses to move to Boston to live with her aunt. Instead, she decides to join her pirate captain father on his ship Reprisal. The danger is great if she is discovered, so she joins the crew as “Charlie.” A cabin boy named William soon discovers her identity but promises to keep her secret, and the two grow close. After several close encounters, Catherine learns to guard her secret with her life, as pirates believe there is no place for women on the sea.

The Big Crunch
by Pete Hautman
Scholastic Press, ages 13+, $17.99

June and her family are continually forced to move for her dad’s job, each time placing June in a new school with new issues to tackle. Wes just broke up with his longtime girlfriend and isn’t looking for a new one … until he meets June. He’s intrigued by June, and his feelings don’t fade when she starts dating his best friend. A chance meeting after school changes things, and June and Wes start dating. Will her father’s job take June away from Minnesota and Wes?