Parents' bookshelf

The Disappearing Girl: Learning the Language of Teenage Depression
By Lisa Machoian
Dutton, 2005 (Paperback: Plume, 2006)

About a quarter of teenage girls report suffering from depression. Machoian, a psychotherapist and Harvard researcher, writes about some of the hidden signs and offers guidance on how to intervene.

Girls Speak Out
By Andrea Johnston
Celestial Arts, 2005 (second edition)

Johnston, who founded the Girls Speak Out program with Gloria Steinem, talks directly to girls who want to explore and express their own individuality.

Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls
By Mary Pipher
Putnam, 1994 (many paperback editions)

Reviving Ophelia is a classic and a touchstone for many who work with and love adolescent girls. Pipher, a psychotherapist, explores not only the obstacles girls face, but how we can help these young women overcome them.

How to Say It to Girls: Communicating with Your Growing Daughter
By Nancy Gruver
Prentice Hall Press, 2004

Practical advice from the other founder (with Joe Kelly) of New Moon magazine.