Christina Ries
In a time of isolation and mandatory distancing, it’s important to remember and celebrate all kinds of relationships. These stories illustrate the surprising bonds that can emerge when you bring a child-like open-mindedness to friendship!Set at a seaside bed-and-breakfast called the Mermaid Hotel, this whimsical book celebrates the friendship of two sassy heroines — one young, one old. Written by Sophie Dahl, grand- daughter of Roald Dahl, it treats young readers with the same reverence and wit... more
Tough enough for bebe
Board books shot up in popularity in the 2010s, and for good reason: Parents are reading to babies and toddlers earlier and more often — and Lord knows paper pages don’t last long in grabby little hands. Stay out of the book-repair business with these durable new titles!If you don’t mind letting your baby see you cry (and why would... more
Music to kids’ ears
Music is a universal language that brings together people of all cultures and ages. Our littlest ones have an instinctive receptivity to simple tunes, and older children can explore their feelings and express their souls through songs. These stories capture some of the power of music for kids.In these divided times, there’s one thing we... more
Protagonists of color
There’s long been a shortage of children’s books with kids of color at the center of the narratives. Publishers, fortunately, are starting to change this with stories like these, some of which address cultural differences head-on and others of which simply tell stories occurring in non-white communities. All are fun for anyone and... more
Glitterati literati
Everyone thinks they can write a good children’s book, especially celebrities. And some of them are right! Here's a wide range of great books penned by a diverse group of famous folk. A few tackle some of the biggest issues of our time. Others bring a much-needed dose of humor. All of them would make fun holiday gifts!We worry about... more
The gift of books
Some children’s books feel like true works of art, the kind that belong in a museum or — more important for the conscientious gift-giver — the type that kids won’t grow out of and give away in a few years. These treasures, which cover various age ranges, definitely have the power to last.Every page of this large-format book looks like it... more
Bookworm food
Some books explicitly try to create little bibliophiles by fostering a love of reading and/or teaching basic literacy concepts. These entertaining reads — some of the best we’ve ever seen — do just that in five dramatically different and innovative ways.There’s no shortage of alphabet books, in which A is for apple or some other word... more
Books for Baby
The main goal of books for babies and toddlers is to gently introduce the basic concept of reading words on a page. That’s the easy part. The tough part is grabbing and keeping the attention of the most distractible tykes. These new books expertly meet future readers at their level.Keeping it simple is key, especially for babies. In this... more
First day of school!
In the life of a kid, few things bring on such a strong range of feelings — from terror-tinged dread to excited anticipation and everything in between! Check out these stories to help your little ones emotionally prepare for the big day.The title character is an absolute charmer, a hero who’s bursting with confidence and excitement about... more
Eat these up!
Who doesn’t love food? Well, some kids, as it turns out. Or at least, they love a handful of bland meals and treat the rest like bowls of battery acid. The following books can teach a thing or two to picky eaters while also regaling that rare, heaven-sent specimen — the pint-sized food lover!In this age of and... more
STEM is for everyone
Science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields have long been stereotyped as nerdy and, even worse, as a world only for boys. Here are some books that can help change those perceptions by celebrating the fun of STEM learning for all!Sometimes STEM-focused kids learn better through pictures and schematics than through narratives... more
The fun of diversity
Kids love to learn and explore; in fact, that’s their most important job! But some parents unwittingly discourage their children’s curiosity by telling them to ignore the differences they notice in others. That approach can rob children (who can’t simply turn off their observations) of the chance to understand and appreciate the... more
Stirring her-story
The runaway success of Chelsea Clinton’s She Persisted has ushered in a golden age of children’s books about inspiring real-life women. No matter what your kid’s interests are, you can find a relevant story with a female role model. The magic of this biography has to be experienced to be believed. It reads like the Pulitzer-winning... more
Crack up the kids
Children’s books can be wonderful tools for teaching all sorts of important lessons — or they can just be funny. Here are a few that will send your little ones (and maybe even you!) into hysterics. Underwear will always be hilarious to kids — sometimes you just have to lean into it. The little furry guy in this book expresses his... more
For the love of winter
In February, even the hardiest of Minnesotans sometimes need reminders that snow and cold can be fun. The following books, most of which were written by Minnesotans, celebrate the season our state is famous for!Written by Cloquet-based author Katherine Johnson, this simple story about a dance-loving bear captures the... more
Emotional learning
One of the toughest tasks of childhood is learning to deal with feelings. We come into the world screaming at the top of our lungs, and then spend years learning to express ourselves in less, shall we say, vociferous ways. Here are few books that can help kids gain control.Although kids’ main job is to learn, some feel like they have to... more
Looking for God
Spirituality can be one of the toughest things to discuss with kids because so much of faith comes from the heart. These selections — though they don’t represent the intricacies of the world’s many religions — are a good place to start. “Grandma, does God live in the city?” a boy asks one morning at breakfast. “Yes,” the matriarch... more
The cat's meow
We’ve found the paw-fect way to entertain your little animal lovers, including some of the cutest books of the year, plus two stories by local authors and a cat-lover classic to boot.Little Fox has all the best dance moves, so Big Cat tries to be exactly like Little Fox before the big dance party. But it simply doesn’t work, even when... more
Books for newborns
If you’ve ever attended a baby shower, you know how popular books are as gifts. If you’re looking to go beyond classics — Goodnight Moon, Where’s Spot?, Brown Bear and Runaway Bunny — this list of educational, lyrical, visually engaging board books (recommended just for newborns) is for you!Folklorist Iona Opie has... more
School days
Going to class can be intimidating and scary for kiddos. We’ve pulled these books together to provide emotionally savvy, mindful and even whimsical ways to talk about school.When cautious “little landlubbers” get on the pirate’s bus, he doesn’t accept their fear of the first day of school: “There’ll be no blubberin’ on me bus. Pirates... more
Dream, explore, create!
What does your family do to stay occupied when it’s blazing hot outside? Sometimes, the best option is to stay inside and create. Let this list inspire you and the kids to make something new! What do nunchucks, banjoes and cowboy spurs have in common? You can make them all using this ingenious book. We love its wild, unique ideas —... more
Sunny days!
June is a great month to pack up and find somewhere outside to hang out and play. But don’t forget to bring a book for down time and summer reading!We’ve fallen completely in love with this simply illustrated and hilarious adventure-tracker from Wee Society. Included are stickers, postcards, maps, drawing pages and even a fantastic... more
Bonding with baby!
Kids are never too young to read. In fact, research shows that reading to children of all ages — even infants — helps boost speech and vocabulary (as well as overall brain development). Even better, it provides a chance for parents to just hang out and bond with their babies without the tasks of feeding and diapering taking center stage... more
Grab-bag books
Just when we think we’ve seen it all in the world of children’s lit, we’re surprised yet again by fresh new story lines — and incredible illustrations — that we just can’t resist! Check out these enchanting tales for some entirely new ways to look at the world.The Word CollectorLots of people like to gather things — for Jerome, it’s... more
Snuggle up!
Here we are in the middle of the coldest season. Is anyone else getting a little restless? You can frolic outside, sure.But afterward, take advantage of the snuggling season to escape into these absolute gems. Come summer, settling down with books and fuzzy blankets just won’t have the same appeal!Bunny’s StaycationBunny is NOT... more
Tales of triumph
Women have faced big challenges throughout history, including, of course, right now. But females — of all ages — have also achieved amazing things throughout the centuries. Why not explore those stories, not just with your daughters, but also your sons? These awesome books will make it easy!Strong Is the New PrettyGirls from 4 to 19... more
Loving kindness
How do you teach a child to be compassionate in a world of walls, bullying and blame? You live as an example, surround yourself with kind people and talk to your kid about feelings. Another way to weave kindness into everyday life is with books — fun stories with interesting characters, cute animals and relatable kids facing common... more
Father figures
Dads are often overlooked in children’s story books. So this month, we’re focusing on dads — their loving nature, how they can make it all better and how they share their wisdom in their own special ways.  Daddy Honk Honk!A fox finds an abandoned goose egg in a field … and the egg soon turns into a baby! The baby calls him... more
Branching out
People who follow Minnesota writer Bao Phi on Facebook know that his feed is like a live memoir. His anecdotes about parenting, and his musings on writing, life and the world can be a joy to follow. In fact, one of his Facebook posts — a poignant story about going shopping with his 8-year-old daughter, Sông, and losing her in the... more
Uniquely me
Variety is the spice of life, and these books celebrate that fact.Being different is hard, especially for children who are trying to fit in or just beginning to understand societal norms.These books all feature lessons about how it’s important to be true to yourself and celebrate the diversity in life.I’m a Girl!A little mouse who loves... more
Woof! Bounce! Meow!
Is there anything better than a fluffy friend? Pets can teach valuable lessons to kids, like the importance of kindness, sharing, responsibilities and even loss. They’re also darn cute. Crack these books open to explore not just the wacky adventures of adorable creatures, but also how kids should act around animals.The Best Days Are Dog... more
Action-packed pages!
Summer is here! And that means (we hope) you’ll have a little extra time for reading with the kids — at home, at the cabin or in the car.Get started with three, new super-engaging books for babies and toddlers, plus six highly visual books to keep school-aged kids busy with critical-thinking challenges and creative play! Out of the... more
Best buddies
Learning how to be a good friend isn’t easy. Sharing and saying sorry sincerely (when you’ve made a mistake) are required skills. And — as these new stories show — children must also learn empathy, patience, loyalty, inclusiveness and even the ability to look past prejudice and the intimidation of bullies.My Friend MaggieThis tale of... more
Search and find
Not all reading time must be filled with traditional, narrative stories.Each of these books tells its own kind of tale, ideal for parents and kids who like a challenge and time spent poring over beautiful printed pages. The Lost HouseThis is one of the hardest search-and-find books we’ve ever seen!Even after you’ve found everything... more
Tales for toddlers
One More Tickle!This new Guess How Much I Love You puppet board book stole our hearts! Its built-into-the-book Nutbrown Hare is super-soft and features floppy ears and little pockets that allow parents to move his head and paws around in realistic, animated ways. “Are you ticklish?” asks Big Nutbrown Hare. “Can I tickle your ears and see... more
Beyond books
Little kids don’t need anything fancy to get interested in reading. They require only a willing parent and a book or two.But sometimes literary bells and whistles — such as those included with the books here — can be just the thing to encourage kids to use their imaginations, engage in creative play and maybe even go the heck to sleep!... more
Holiday joy!
It’s almost winter and the holidays are near: What better time could there be to snuggle up and read?Check out the following titles, all new this year, that help celebrate the season.Maple & Willow’s Christmas Tree These two adorable, sometimes snarky sisters — captured, as usual, in gorgeous drawings by author-illustrator Lori... more
Building character
Ages 0–3Picture BooksGiraffes Can’t Danceby Giles Andreae and Guy Parker-ReesMeet Gerald, a giraffe who desperately wants to dance, but can’t quite get his long, wobbly legs to cooperate. With perseverance and a little encouragement from a new friend, Gerald succeeds. Gerald’s story will inspire your kids to try, try again, and make... more
School triumphs
Here we are, already in the thick of the school year.And that means watching your kid face the challenges of academics, friendships and even the pressures of Picture Day!It’s not easy.Check out how the characters (both human and animal) in these books find interesting ways to conquer their fears and emerge triumphantly. Coasting... more
Favorite first books
It’s never too early to read with your baby!In fact, early childhood development experts recommend reading to children from birth — at least 20 minutes a day, three days a week ( are some of our favorite books for babies. Find reading lists for all age groups (including age 0 to 12 months) at more
Book for tweens
Chelsea Clinton, with her book, It’s Your World, challenged tweens in 2015 to “get informed, get inspired and get going” to make positive changes in the world.Now, given the history her mother made recently — becoming the first female nominee for President of the United States — this book ($18.99), which explores the challenges of... more
The Art of Roughhousing
Drawing inspiration from martial arts, ballet, gymnastics, other sports and even animal behaviors, the authors of this 2011 book ($14.95) — gastroenterologist Anthony DeBenedet (a father of three girls) and Lawrence Cohen, a psychologist and family therapist — present dozens of illustrated rough-and-tumble activities for... more
School supplies
 The Lockdown Drill School children today don’t just take part in fire drills.Because of numerous attacks on schools in recent years, kids as young as preschool-age are required to participate in lockdown drills that involve preparing for intruders, typically by hiding.And that can be scary.That’s why Tennessee native... more
Sleepless in summer
Summer on the North Coast brings with it that mixed blessing of longer days for parents: Yes, it means more daylight for outdoor fun, but it also means putting the kids to bed well before the sun goes down. Perhaps you can lull your little one to sleep — or at least while away the hours — with one of these new-in-2016 sleep-adventure... more
Get out there!
Kids need nature play and outdoor activities. But when there are 1,000 free cool games on the iPad, you’re facing an uphill battle, even in summer — unless you get creative and get excited to try new things.Here are just a few of the latest outdoors books perfectly tailored to families in need of inspiration and motivation:M Is for... more
Road trip, anyone?
In anticipation of the summer travel season, we’re taking a look at five backseat books to keep the kids from whining the whole trip to Grand View Lodge, Grand Marais, Chicago, Milwaukee, Mount Rushmore, Wisconsin Dells, the cabin or wherever it is you’re going this year. Each of them is entertaining — and educational — in its own way.... more
Books for mamas-to-be
Whether you’re a new-mom-to-be on a quest for fresh knowledge, a friend looking for a fun baby-shower book or a grandparent in search of a perfect Mother’s Day gift for your daughter, we hope you’ll find something in this mix to pique your interest. Ma Doula: A Story Tour of BirthYou’ll hear a lot of birth stories during your... more
Board book treasures
Sundogs A to ZKay Elliott of Richfield came out with her first children’s book, Sundogs: Journey to the Great Windmill, in 2012, appealing to young readers with dogs of many vibrant colors (dedicated to all the canines she’s called her own). When Elliott learned she would become a grandmother for the first time, she decided to write a... more
Coloring books for grownups!
Coloring isn’t just for kids anymore. In fact, publishers are catering to adults like never before with a bevy of adult coloring books released in the past year. The Doctor Who Coloring Book? Yep, that’s a thing. There’s also an Indie Rock Coloring Book (featuring pages dedicated to bands like Bon Iver and Iron & Wine) and The Tattoo... more
Winter's joy!
Minnesota winters can be harsh, sure. But brrrrrr is our thing: We can take pride in our resilience and the fact that we have real seasons here. Honestly, who wants to live in California where it’s 70 degrees every day? (Wait, don’t answer that.) OK, so how can we teach our kids to enjoy and embrace the crisp, clean air of winter? Check... more
Holiday books for kids!
Christmas can truly be a magical time for our kids. As parents, we get to relive the wonder of it all, while also imparting — and often inventing — family traditions. One of the rituals in my family is reading holiday books together. I don’t keep holiday books in rotation during the rest of the year, however. They get put away with the... more
Gift books!
Books make awesome holiday presents, don’t you think? These new gems are ideal for families looking for something fresh, entirely unexpected and, we think, delightful (any time of year). Enjoy! LEGO Awesome IdeasLooking to get your kids to actually reuse their LEGOs for creative free building — rather than just buying... more
Works of art
Are you looking for new and interesting kids’ books for your family (or perhaps for some early holiday gifts)? Either way, put these three great finds on your list.So much greatness is going on in the world of children’s books — including folk art, comics and more — we parents have no excuse to not read to — or with — our kids... more
Books for kindergarten and beyond
Reading to our children is fun — and can bring us hours of enjoyment and quality time together (especially if bedtime goes well)! But what happens when it’s time to get the kids to read to themselves?Fortunately, there are oodles of resources out there to foster a lifelong love of reading.  The newly published list — 50 Best... more
Books for babies
 Babies love to read books! Here are some of our top picks, all new to bookstores in the past year, including engaging animals, photos of a real infant in action and a Minnesota twist on a timeless classic. Goodnight LoonYou’ll find the same charming rhythm and rhyming of the Margaret Wise Brown original in this delightfully... more
Teen pens anti-bullying book
Aija Mayrock was bullied throughout middle school and high school. Through it all, however, she learned a lot — and, at the age of 16, she wrote a lively, fun book to help kids age 10 and older not just survive, but thrive in the face of bullying. The Survival Guide to Bullying ($9.99) features tips, personal stories and quick... more
First-day-of-school books!
Is your kid getting ready to go back to school (or maybe to school for the first time)? Ease into it either way with these delightful books that inspire confidence, imagination and, best of all, kindness to others.Ally-saurus & the First Day of SchoolWhen Ally roars off to her first day of classes, she hopes to meet lots of... more
Sisterly love
These books are thoughtful, helpful and delightful most of the time, but sisters can be tricky, too, especially if you’re trying to welcome a baby sister home (and become a Big Brother) or if you’re trying to become a Big Sister (to your new baby brother).  Even not having a sister can be hard, especially when you have triplet... more
Explore outdoors!
Little Owl’s DayIn this sequel to Little Owl’s Night, our wide-eyed little friend wakes up in broad daylight and discovers a forest he’s never seen, full of sunlight and daytime activities. He sees backward-flying dragonflies, wolf pups and his first rainbow. Then it’s his turn to show off. He keeps Bear up late, just long enough to see... more
Explore outdoors!
 Little Owl’s DayIn this sequel to Little Owl’s Night, our wide-eyed little friend wakes up in broad daylight and discovers a forest he’s never seen, full of sunlight and daytime activities. He sees backward-flying dragonflies, wolf pups and his first rainbow. Then it’s his turn to show off. He keeps Bear up late, just long enough... more
Wearable books!
Donnie Lemke, a children’s book editor who lives in St. Paul, and Bob Lentz, an art director in Bloomington, have joined forces — as Lemke & Lentz — to create a cool collection of interactive, die-cut books.Donnie Lemke with his daughter, CleoBob Lentz with his son, LincolnTheir super-sturdy Book-O-Beards, Book-O-Hats, Book-O-Teeth... more
Winter stories
Yes, winter’s cold, windy and, in Minnesota, oh-so long. But it’s also a season like no other. There’s no better time for baking, hot cocoa, skating, skiing and sledding! Embrace these last weeks — months? — of winter with some of our favorite seasonal books, plus a couple from our readers, too! You Can Do It, SamCold and snowy... more
Books tackle tough topics
Talking to kids about health, safety and sometimes even sports doesn’t necessarily come naturally to parents. Thank goodness for creative writers! This month, we’ll help you cover some tricky topics, including personal safety and strategies for starting — and even struggling with — sports (from a precocious little girl’s perspective).... more
Fun holiday books!
Are you looking for cool new books to give as holiday gifts?Check out these gems!  Margaret Wise Brown trioBrown, the prolific writer best known for Goodnight Moon and The Runaway Bunny, is the author behind three new children’s books. Forty years after her untimely death in 1952 at age 42, dozens of Brown’s unpublished... more
Arlo Needs Glasses
One out of five school-age children need glasses, and Arlo shows kids how going from two eyes to four isn’t a bummer. Just ask him: a free-spirited dog that loves to play catch, he discovers one day he can’t see the ball anymore—he needs glasses! We love the clear to blurry eye chart especially, as within are hidden the words “dogs rule... more
Big Books of Science Experiments: A Step-by-Step Guide
Use household objects and easy-to-find materials to do more than 100 experiments. The book text is broken into small bites of material, easy to digest so that the science (from earth to life to physical and more) is easy to understand. We suggest ages 10 and up more
ONE TWO That’s My Shoe!
When a mischievous puppy runs off with his owner’s shoe, it’s a race from one to 10 to get it back again. Over the teddy bears and out the door, readers can rollick along with the canine trickster and count the scenery along the way. For ages 2 to 6 more
Dino Mazes: The Colossal Fossil Book
It’s 365 million years of fun. Each of the poster-sized mazes leads a child through intricate lines and curves of an anatomically accurate skeleton. Plus, young paleontologists will learn all about each prehistoric giant. For ages 8 and up more
Ready, Steady, Go Mr. Croc: A Flap and Pop Up Book
Croc and his friends are ready for their own Olympics. Each spread features a different sport as the friends have fun with tennis, running, cycling, swimming and canoeing. Exuberant, inventive pop-ups will keep children fascinated. We suggest ages 3 and up more
The Wheels on the Bus: A Book with Movable Parts
By Paul O. ZelinskyIntervisual Books; $20.99When The Wheels on the Bus broke onto the scene back in 1990, it created a sensation with its clever characters, sly subplots, luscious colors, and the incomparable flair of its moving parts. Almost a million young readers have enjoyed the wheels that go round, doors that open and shut,... more
Book Shelf :: Alphabet Books
From A to Z there’s a lot to learn!Backseat A-B-SeeBy Mariavan LieshoutChronicle Kids, $14.99Whether on a quick trip across town or a long haul across the country, little ones see (and learn) a lot from the back seat. This book uses familiar road signs to take kids on a journey through the alphabet. Buckle up for the reading fun ahead!... more
Book Shelf :: Kids cook
Clueless in the Kitchen: a Cookbook for TeensBy Evelyn RaabFirefly Books, $14.95If your teenager calls you at work and asks how to make Mac & Cheese from a box, this book may be the perfect solution to their plight. Evelyn Raab gives step-by-step guides to navigating the foreign territories of the grocery store and kitchen, as... more
Book Shelf :: The Great Outdoors
It’s a great big world out there: read about it!B is for Blue Planet: An Earth Science AlphabetBy Ruth Strother, Illustrated by Bob MarstallSleeping Bear Press, $16.95Discover more about our Earth, one letter at a time. Ruth Strother provides a wealth of information about everything from earthquakes to rainforests, while still keeping it... more
Book Shelf :: Pioneers, explorers, and heroes
People who affected change, or those who learned how to make a change, are seen through the eyes of children  We are America: A Tribute from the HeartBy Walter Dean Myers and Christopher MyersHarper Collins, $16.99The father-son team that created Harlem explore what it is to be an American, taking readers on a moving journey through... more
Book shelf :: Books for (and about) babies and toddlers
Indestructible books for the kids, and one for youThe World According to ToddlersBy Shannon Payette Seip and Adrienne HedgerAndrews McMeel Publishing, $12.99The best way to navigate the world of toddlers (and stay sane) is to have a sense of humor. The World According to Toddlers offers comic insight into the entertaining and often... more
Book shelf :: The creative process
Touch art, build robots, and write what’s in your heartFind King Henry’s TreasureBy Julie Appel and Amy GuglielmoSterling Publishing, $12.95Ages 4 to 6Do you abide by the “do not touch” rule at museums? Well, grab this book and touch away! With famous paintings and portraits from all around the world, including... more
Book shelf: Something spooky this way comes
Get your flashlight and hide under your blankie—these stories are sure to thrill!One Spooky Night: A Halloween AdventureBy Kate StoneAccord Publishing, $11.99Ages 3 and upCharming text accompanies one little monster as he heads down a shadowy path toward a creepy old house. Mysterious and fun, but not too scary for little ones, the... more
Book shelf :: Books for new parents
Advice for first-time moms and dadsPregnancy Planner: Essential Advice for Moms-to-Be:::::::::::::::::::By Ziba Kashef and the editors of Parenting magazineChronicle Books, $19.95This journal–information guide combination gives a mom-to-be a space to write down different feelings and experiences week to week. Each week’s... more
BOOK SHELF // Kids on the Cusp
No longer a kid, but not quite yet a teen, these books are for the tween set looking to expand world knowledge and gain a glimpse into their very near futures I, Q series by Roland SmithSleeping Bear Press, ages 10+, $8.95 eachNew stepsiblings Q (Quest) and Angela trail their rock-star parents around the country while getting to know... more
BOOK SHELF // Go Team!
This Is the Gameby Diane Z. Shore and Jessica AlexanderHarperCollins Children’s Books, ages 3–8, $16.99America’s sport is played in dirty alleys and in bright, sunny diamonds in this tribute to both baseball legends and kids playing pick-up games. Jackie Robinson, “Dizzy” Dean, and the Great Bambino make... more
BOOK SHELF // Letters From Camp
discover books for adults and children alike, touching on camp experiences and camp-related angst. P.S. I Hate It Here!: Kids’ Letters From Campby Diane FalagaAbrams Image, $12.95This collection of 150 letters home won’t help kids but will keep parents laughing the whole summer. Letters range in topic from the... more
Book Shelf // Amazing People
The Pioneers, the Explorers, the People Who Changed Our World, Celebrated This Month.My Uncle Martin’s Big Heart by Angela Farris Watkins, PhD$18.95, Abrams BooksThis debut picture book, written by the neice of Martin Luther King, Jr. offers a rare and intimate look at the personal life of King, while recalling the impact her... more
BOOK SHELF // Animals We Love
Animals captivate and bond to us in ways nothing else can. these books run the gamut of sweet to loyal to ... stinky.Shep: Our Most Loyal Dog by Sneed B. Collard III$16.95, ages 6–10This bittersweet testament to the bond between humans and dogs is particularly remarkable because it actually happened. Shep was a real sheepdog... more
Mom's House, Dad's House: Making Two Homes for Your ChildBy Isolina RicciFireside, 1997After a divorce, many parents feel overwhelmed with decisions about how to manage their children. Mom's House, Dad's House offers comfort to parents who feel weighed down by choices and teaches them how to build a businesslike relationship with their... more
Parents' bookshelf
The Disappearing Girl: Learning the Language of Teenage DepressionBy Lisa MachoianDutton, 2005 (Paperback: Plume, 2006)About a quarter of teenage girls report suffering from depression. Machoian, a psychotherapist and Harvard researcher, writes about some of the hidden signs and offers guidance on how to intervene.Girls Speak OutBy... more