Action-packed pages!

Summer is here! And that means (we hope) you’ll have a little extra time for reading with the kids — at home, at the cabin or in the car.

Get started with three, new super-engaging books for babies and toddlers, plus six highly visual books to keep school-aged kids busy with critical-thinking challenges and creative play! 

Out of the Box

Puppet dragons, penguin families, butterflies and more could be yours with a little work, creativity and cardboard, thanks to this gorgeous, inspiring activity book (144 pages), featuring 25 cardboard engineering projects for little makers. Disclaimer: Most of the projects require adult supervision.

Ages 7–10 • $19.99

Teddy Bear Doctor

Does your little one dream of being a vet?

This activity book allows kiddos to create an entire world of creative play around the ins and outs of taking care of stuffed animals, including exam checklists, appointment reminders and patient check-in cards. Tons of stickers and cardstock cutouts can be used to create even more props and projects, including cardboard cages, a miniature wheelchair and a collar cone, too.

Ages 3–8 • $10.95

100 First Words

Vivid images and vibrant colors splash across all 14 pages of this large-format board book, which is positively packed with illustrations and photos that fall into various categories, such as my toys, mealtime, pets and more.

6 months and up • $9.99

I’m Silly!

Tizzy the Tornado doesn’t know just how silly is too silly.

This My First Comics board book demonstrates what can happen when Tizzy’s friends, Sunny and Cloud, are overwhelmed by her overly playful tornado antics — the perfect metaphor for a toddler gone wild, don’t you think?

Kids will love this book’s delightfully descriptive words (rich with onomatopoeia), including “Zoom!” “Whoosh!” and “Wheeeeeee!”  

Ages 2–3 • $7.99 

My First Baby Signs

This sweet, sturdy, chunky little pull-tab book could help bridge communication gaps between parents and babies. Simply pull the tabs to make the characters’ hands act out the “eight essential” signs for eat, milk, more, all done, help, thank you, bath and bed. 

6 months and up • $15.95

How to Be a Scientist

This mix of classic and unusual science anecdotes and experiments is just the thing for budding STEM/STEAM fans, including tips for learning how to think and act like a scientist with fun activities and simple scientific explanations of biology, anatomy, physics, astronomy, chemistry and more.

Learn why black ink isn’t really black, how to create a plastic bag puzzle and where to look for signs of nearly microscopic life.

Ages 7–9 • $19.99

Where’s Waldo

He’s one of our absolute favorites and he’s celebrating a major milestone this year: He’s turning 30!

Celebrate and get searching with a large-format anniversary edition of the original book, plus a travel collection (with foldouts on each page, including checklists) and a coloring collection (with a bonus poster to color), just the thing for road trips or downtime this summer!

Ages 5–9 • $7.99–$14.99