Bonding with baby!

Kids are never too young to read. In fact, research shows that reading to children of all ages — even infants — helps boost speech and vocabulary (as well as overall brain development). Even better, it provides a chance for parents to just hang out and bond with their babies without the tasks of feeding and diapering taking center stage. 

Making Faces

Discover a range of human emotions with this chunky board book filled with happy, sad, silly, surprised and even angry babies. In the back, there’s a mirror for Baby to try imitating different facial expressions.

Ages 0–3 • $7.95


Rip-proof, chew-proof, washable and written just for babies, the latest round of baby-proof books — four in all — from Indestructibles are colorful, cute and, as promised, tear-resistant, too! We can’t get over the cute sea otters on the front of Love You, Baby, which explains all the special ways parents can show affection. See also: Baby Animals, Things That Go! and Welcome, Baby.

Ages 0–2 • $5.95

I Love Mom

Celebrate spring and mothers — maybe for Mother’s Day? — with this homage to moms, showcasing sweet sayings and colorful collaged animal illustrations from Eric Carle. Look closely and you can spot The Very Hungry Caterpillar on every single spread!

Age 3–5 • $8.99

Night Animals

One dark evening, Skunk and Possum get spooked and start a chain reaction of bigger and bigger animals, all hiding in the woods because they’re afraid of night noises and things in the dark — which is silly, because they’re hiding from … themselves! 

Ages 3–5 • $8.99

Good Night, Baby Moon

Filled with dark, soothing illustrations of a curious bunny family — depicted entirely in silhouettes in the light of the moon — this board book’s standout feature is actually the cover: It lights up! 

Ages 2–5 • $12.99