Books for Baby

The main goal of books for babies and toddlers is to gently introduce the basic concept of reading words on a page. That’s the easy part. The tough part is grabbing and keeping the attention of the most distractible tykes. These new books expertly meet future readers at their level.

Keeping it simple is key, especially for babies. In this adorable tale, a cute, busy toddler wears out his dad through a day of opposites — for example, “No, no, no,” to foods he doesn’t like, and then a triumphant “Yes!” to the one he does. That basic theme gives each page some anticipation, capped by a bit of humor that both kids and parents can appreciate.

Ages 0–3 • $16.99

Ever seen a book that has an interactive page — a wheel or tab kids can move to change the illustrations? It’s always the favorite page. This book is nothing but those kinds of pages. And thankfully, every moving component is made of sturdy, thick material, so it will last more than a few months!

3 months–3 years • $8.99

No one could blame a new parent for not having the energy to maintain a well-organized catalog of stories, achievements and pictures. But if you’re up for it, this book’s adorable, colorful pages provide many ideas for things to record, things that otherwise might be lost in the sleep-deprived fog of early parenthood. And when the baby grows up, it’s guaranteed to be a favorite read; what kid doesn’t love hearing about him/herself?

Illustrated by Christine Roussey • $24.99

This sweet tale follows a winning formula for keeping toddlers interested: rhyming, repetition, cute animals and the all-important X factor — interaction! Many pages end with little questions tots can proudly answer, such as the number of flower petals on the page, where the mouse is hiding and more.

Ages 3–5 • $16.99

Often, what makes a book a baby’s or toddler’s favorite is its ability to surprise. This creatively constructed book elicits delighted little laughs by first giving a peek at the animal on the next page and then using a slider-panel mechanism to change its face.

3 months–3 years • $7.99