Coloring books for grownups!

Coloring isn’t just for kids anymore. In fact, publishers are catering to adults like never before with a bevy of adult coloring books released in the past year. The Doctor Who Coloring Book? Yep, that’s a thing. There’s also an Indie Rock Coloring Book (featuring pages dedicated to bands like Bon Iver and Iron & Wine) and The Tattoo Coloring Book, to name a few.

Coloring between the lines — sometimes very intricate ones — can be extremely therapeutic for mind and body. Check out these options to get started.


I HEART Coloring

Try any in this series of purse-friendly books — all 6 inches square — if you’re new to this whole adult coloring thing. Next time you take the kids out to eat, you can co-color I HEART Cute Coloring — by far the easiest and most kid-friendly of the series. I HEART Coloring and I HEART Coloring Flowers are more advanced if your goal is to stay inside the lines.

Ages 5–12

$9.99 each


Splendid Cities

This 9-inch-square coloring book takes you to cities around the world — some real (including Paris and Moscow) and some imagined (think floating kingdoms in the sky). Similar books include Secret Paris, Secret New York and Secret Tokyo, all with the subtitle of Color Your Way to Calm.



1 Big Gigantic Herd of Invisible Cosmic Zebras

Traumatic brain injury survivor Jessie Riley is the founder of Kitanie Coloring Books, a large collection of paperbacks designed for kids and adults. Coloring, according to Riley, isn’t just a way to relax, but a proven method of healing after a concussion. Coloring, she learned during her own recovery, is an approved activity during the brain-rest phase after a concussion — and it can actually help rebuild visual-spatial and organization skills. Each of Kitanie’s books features a story and a message, too. This book’s theme is hope, specifically geared toward anyone struggling with an invisible illness. Learn more at and

Ages 9­–25



The Time Chamber

This sequel to Korean artist Daria Song’s The Time Garden continues the story of a red-haired fairy who explores the world outside the cuckoo clock where she lives. Intricate scenes on every page of heavy-stock paper provide hours of challenges for would-be artists.

Ages 10 and older




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