Dream, explore, create!

What does your family do to stay occupied when it’s blazing hot outside? Sometimes, the best option is to stay inside and create. Let this list inspire you and the kids to make something new!

 Epic Cardboard Adventures book cover

What do nunchucks, banjoes and cowboy spurs have in common? You can make them all using this ingenious book. We love its wild, unique ideas — air cannons, gliders, car shooters and headdresses — and can see days of fun coming from its 150 pages. Be aware that parental supervision (and sharp knives) are often required.

Ages 7–12 • $14.95

 Kid's Awesome Activity Book book cover

Keep this book tucked away for a rainy day and whip it out whenever your kiddos need a distraction. You’ll find inviting coloring pages, mazes, word searches, fill-in-the-bubble comic strips, seek-and-finds, tons of paper punch-out activities and a whopping 400 stickers.

Ages 6–9 • $14.95

 Say Cheese book cover

Cheese doesn’t have to come from the grocery store! You can make your own by using a few simple recipes. Enter this gem, which teaches kids not just how to make different kinds of cheese (plus butter and other dairy products), but also how to use the results in recipes, such as ricotta pancakes, berry cream cheese pie and mini lasagnas. Flip to the back for cheese stickers, country flags and a little chunk of cheese history.

Ages 8–12 • $18.95

 Doll-E 1.0 book cover

Techmaster Charlotte knows more about her mom and dad’s gadgets than they do, but when Mom gifts her a baby doll, Charlotte doesn’t know what to do with it. After much trial and error, Charlotte finds her own way to play with the doll — by reprogramming it to say different words.

Ages 4–8 • $9.99

What If book cover

Imagine if your pencil was taken away — how would you create your art? This story’s protagonist discovers she can fold paper, carve wood, draw in the dirt, shape the leaves, build sandcastles, raise her voice and even use her mind to make art! 

Ages 5–8 • $17.99