Eat these up!

Who doesn’t love food? Well, some kids, as it turns out. Or at least, they love a handful of bland meals and treat the rest like bowls of battery acid. The following books can teach a thing or two to picky eaters while also regaling that rare, heaven-sent specimen — the pint-sized food lover!

Complete Children's Cookbook

In this age of and food blogging, cookbooks have to step up their game. This one represents the gold standard, filled with enticing images that will make kids want to flip through the pages and get excited to both cook and eat.

Ages 7–10 • $24.99

How to Feed Your Parents

In a switcheroo from the traditional script, little Matilda Macaroni is fascinated by all kinds of foods while her parents refuse to try anything but burgers, pizza and grilled cheese. So she hatches a plan to expand their culinary horizons. Picky eaters may laugh in recognition of their own behaviors, and, who knows? It may even coax them into trying something new!

Ages 3 and up • $16.95


When a little green monster discovers his favorite hot dog stand is closed, he swells from a mild-mannered lizard into a hangry Godzilla! This simple, quick story can both entertain little kids and introduce to them a valuable concept — that angry feelings could be caused in part by hunger.

Ages 4–8 • $17.99

What's on Your Plate?

Many of us grew up in households where pasta was considered exotic; thankfully the world of food has expanded immeasurably. Get your kids (and yourself) hip to cuisine from 14 different countries through recipes, history, fun facts and even illustrated crop maps.

Ages 5–9 • $16.95

Big Brother Peanut Butter

Any lessons about food take a back seat to silly jokes in Terry Border’s popular series, famous for fascinatingly fun pictures made from food and wire. Peanut Butter learns he will soon be a big brother, and he is excited, but a bit nervous. He’s told it’s easy as pie, so of course he asks his friend Pie. It gets goofier from there!

Ages 3–7 • $17.99

Ed Dykhuizen is an associate editor at Minnesota Parent and father of three who lives in St. Paul.