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Little Owl’s Day

In this sequel to Little Owl’s Night, our wide-eyed little friend wakes up in broad daylight and discovers a forest he’s never seen, full of sunlight and daytime activities. He sees backward-flying dragonflies, wolf pups and his first rainbow. Then it’s his turn to show off. He keeps Bear up late, just long enough to see a full moon.

By Divya Srinivasan 

Ages 3–5



Luke & the Little Seed 

Luke the little mouse gets so many cool presents for his birthday that when his grandfather gives him a bag of seeds, he’s rather underwhelmed. But, after some urging, he plants one of the seeds, hoping to see a grand show the next morning. But he must wait. Seeds require patience. And waiting’s dull. But, in time, he finds the magic of the seed and sees — thanks to perseverance — his grandfather had given him the best gift of all.

By Giuliano Ferri

Ages 3–5



Rhoda’s Rock Hunt 

On a backpacking trip in the north woods with her aunt and uncle, Rhoda discovers one of the benefits of roughing it: She finds rocks (her favorite!) in all shapes and patterns. When they finally arrive at Big Lake, she finds even more rocks! Heaven. When it’s time to go, will Rhoda give up her great finds (and enjoy a shower, a hot meal and a soft bed) or will she stay on the beach with her beloved (but way-too-heavy) collection?

By Molly Beth Griffin

Illustrated by Jennifer A. Bell 

Ages 3–7


Henry’s Stars

It’s a beautiful evening on the farm, and Henry finds himself staring up at the night sky. As he glances from star to star, he sees a picture forming in the darkness — The Great Pig! He runs quickly to tell his friends the news, but they see something else!  

By David Elliot

Ages 5–8


Wild Ideas

This book looks deep into the forests, skies and oceans to observe how animals solve the problems they face. 

By Elin Kelsey

Illustrated by Soyeon Kim

Ages 4 and older