Father figures

Dads are often overlooked in children’s story books. So this month, we’re focusing on dads — their loving nature, how they can make it all better and how they share their wisdom in their own special ways. 


Daddy Honk Honk

Daddy Honk Honk!

A fox finds an abandoned goose egg in a field … and the egg soon turns into a baby! The baby calls him Daddy right away. But the fox doesn’t know how to take care of a baby! After trying in vain to find a new family for the baby goose, the fox decides maybe, just maybe, he might have what it takes to parent the little goose. In celebration, the fox’s arctic friends come together to welcome the child with gifts and a new name — Aurora.

Ages 3–6 • $16.99


Darth Vader and Son

Darth Vader and Son

Life lessons from Dad look a little different when the dad in question is Darth Vader. This hilarious, fan-friendly hardcover explores what fatherhood would have looked like — from lightsaber lessons to using The Force — if Luke had stayed with his dad.

Ages 3 and up • $14.95


My Father Knows the Names of Things

My Father Knows the Names of Things

Every dad seems to have a special way of sharing knowledge and life skills. The dad in this gorgeous, rhyme-packed story — a memorial to the author’s late husband — loves to share his wisdom by calling out the nomenclature for just about everything imaginable as he and his mop-headed child go on a series of adventures. “He knows which mosses are the fuzziest. He knows which insects are the buzziest. And when we’re sailing on the sea. He tells the names of fish to me.”

Ages 4–8 • $17.99


Lily's Cat Mask

Lily’s Cat Mask

Lily’s father knows she’s shy sometimes, so when she finds a su-purrrr awesome mask, he decides to buy it for her. She wears it when she doesn’t want to be noticed — and sometimes when she does! 

Ages 3–5 • $17.99

Nelly Gnu and Daddy Too

Nelly Gnu and Daddy Too

This sweet board book follows a daughter and father through their favorite activities together. They build a play house, take a big adventure to the store, paint, read and more. Nelly gets lost in the store for a second, but Daddy quickly saves the day. The Gnu pair’s night ends with Nelly falling asleep in her new play house and Daddy saying goodnight.

Ages 3–6 • $10.99