Favorite first books

It’s never too early to read with your baby!

In fact, early childhood development experts recommend reading to children from birth — at least 20 minutes a day, three days a week (read20.org).

Here are some of our favorite books for babies. Find reading lists for all age groups (including age 0 to 12 months) at readingfoundation.org.

Vegetables and Fruit

Get your baby started early on the goodness of whole foods with these board books by author-illustrator Sara Anderson.

Cut-paper-style images of vegetables and fruits are revealed one at a time in a rhythmic sequences: “Celery, rhubarb / cucumber, bean / potato, tomato, yellow and green,” in Vegetables and, in Fruit, “Huckleberry, strawberry / watermelon, plum / apricot, mango: Let’s have some!” 

$9.99 each / amazon.com

Baby Bear, Baby Bear, What Do You See?

You can’t go wrong with the vibrant illustrations Eric Carle.

New this year — in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? and the 10th anniversary of Baby Bear, Baby Bear, What Do You See? — is a new mini-tab version of the latter title.

Tabbed pages guide you through the animal characters — and make page turning easy for little hands, too. 

$6.99 / amazon.com

Usborne Touchy-Feely Books

This durable, board-book series by Usborne — featuring irresistible texture patches (soft, rough, fluffy, shiny, shaggy, bumpy) — is unbeatable for engaging older infants.

Babies love the bold illustrations, tactile pages and, bonus, a little white mouse on every page.

Numerous new touch-feely gift sets are out now, too, including That’s Not My Zoo, That’s Not My Pets and others. 

$9.99 per book / amazon.com