First day of school!

In the life of a kid, few things bring on such a strong range of feelings — from terror-tinged dread to excited anticipation and everything in between! Check out these stories to help your little ones emotionally prepare for the big day.

The title character is an absolute charmer, a hero who’s bursting with confidence and excitement about starting kindergarten. His positive spin on each event of the day provides a great example for kids who might be nervous or unsure of what to expect. 

Ages 3–6 • $17.99

Little Rosie has been looking forward to starting kindergarten, but the night before the big day, her stomach starts hurting. Her mom tells her it’s butterflies. Throughout the day the butterflies leave as Rosie tackles each challenge and she eventually starts helping other kids with their butterflies.

Ages 3 and up • $16.95

Minneapolis-based Free Spirit Publishing specializes in books that foster kids’ social and emotional health. This one offers helpful lessons on how to behave at school by using each letter of the alphabet, starting with “Ask” and ending with “Zip up your jacket.”

Ages 3–6 • $15.99

Ed Dykhuizen is an associate editor at Minnesota Parent and father of three, who lives in St. Paul.