Fun holiday books!

Are you looking for cool new books to give as holiday gifts?

Check out these gems! 


Margaret Wise Brown trio

Brown, the prolific writer best known for Goodnight Moon and The Runaway Bunny, is the author behind three new children’s books. Forty years after her untimely death in 1952 at age 42, dozens of Brown’s unpublished writings were found preserved in the attic of a Vermont barn belonging to her sister. This discovery brought to light dozens of books and stories. Many of them are just now seeing the light of day, including One More Rabbit and The Noon Balloon and an adorable holiday book, Jingle Paws.

By Margaret Wise Brown

One More Rabbit illustrated by Emma Levey

The Noon Balloon illustrated by Lorena Alvarez, 

Jingle Paws illustrated by Alessandra Psacharopulo

$7.99 each


The Winter Train 

“Choo! Choo!” The Winter Train is arriving! Winter is drawing near and the forest animals must catch a train to get to warmer lands. Their trip goes smoothly, until one passenger suddenly yells: “We’ve forgotten Squirrel! We’ve got to go back and find her!” We love the artful illustrations of this warm, kind-hearted book with its subtle lessons of friendship, teamwork and solidarity. Warning: Your Minnesota child may ask, after reading this book: Why can’t we take a train to someplace warm?

By Susanna Isern

Illustrated by Ester Garcia



The Night Before Christmas 

Wow, just wow! Illustrator-author Barbara Reid takes the classic holiday text written by Clement C. Moore and turns it on its head. Instead of people playing the characters in the story, however, it’s a rambunctious family of mice (who were, in fact, “stirring”), including a Santa mouse. And it’s all fantastically illustrated in intricately textured plasticine, an oil-based modeling clay. The effect is rich holiday scenes that seem to jump from the pages. 

Written and illustrated by Barbara Reid