Gift books!

Books make awesome holiday presents, don’t you think? These new gems are ideal for families looking for something fresh, entirely unexpected and, we think, delightful (any time of year). Enjoy! 

LEGO Awesome Ideas

Looking to get your kids to actually reuse their LEGOs for creative free building — rather than just buying new sets?

This book focuses on helping kids create new scenes from stock on hand. Themes include Outer Space, Modern Metropolis, Wild West, Fantasy Land and Real World.

We love the Real World section, featuring every-day items such as school supplies, ice cream treats, a gingerbread man, cell phones, a comb and fruit and vegetables.  

Ages 7–10



If You’re a Robot and You Know It

It’s yet another amazing pop-up book — only this one is set to the classic tune, If You’re Happy and You Know It, reinvented by the ukulele-and-drum group, Musical Robot (available online for free download). Kids — using surprisingly sturdy pull tabs in this book — can make the robot go through all the actions.

He can clap hands, jump and beep, shoot laser beams out of his eyes and fly, too. 

Ages 3–5



Design Mom

OK, this one isn’t for the kids. This is for a mom in your life, maybe you, searching for ways to make life with kids less messy and more, well, beautiful. Subtitled How to Live With Kids: A Room-By-Room Guide, this book ($29.95) includes ways to showcase kids’ art, organize kid clothes and even how to creatively set up bunk beds. Most of all, it’s just pretty and fun to browse. Your home life may not be Zen, but this book will make you feel like it is (or like it could be)!   


Sophie’s Little Library 

This board-book set — a sweet companion to the popular toy baby giraffe given so commonly at baby showers — includes Sophie’s Busy Day, Colors and Peekaboo Sophie. Our favorite is Peekaboo Sophie, which includes not only cool flaps to lift, but also really cute textures that make each page a delight, especially the one with Sophie’s fuzzy spots!

All ages