Grab-bag books

Just when we think we’ve seen it all in the world of children’s lit, we’re surprised yet again by fresh new story lines — and incredible illustrations — that we just can’t resist! Check out these enchanting tales for some entirely new ways to look at the world.

The Word Collector

Lots of people like to gather things — for Jerome, it’s words, big and small, simple and complex. He loves how they look on paper, how they sound and how they describe things, too. So he sings, writes poems and shares all the words he finds with friends (and then the world). 

Ages 4–8 • $17.99

A Chip Off the Old Block

Rocky takes a journey around the world to see his impressive rock-star relatives until he finds his place in the world — in a crack in Lincoln’s nose at Mount Rushmore. This is a true find if you are looking for a silly story about rocks and can appreciate a good pun. In the back, you’ll find Rocky’s family tree with a geologic explanation of each — Mount Etna in Italy, The Wave in Arizona and Devil’s Tower in Wyoming, among others.

Ages 5–8 • $17.99

Rabbit Moon

When you make your bedtime wishes, they fly up to Rabbit who lives on the moon. Rabbit grinds the wishes into stardust, which fills the sky with stars. One night, Rabbit happens to find his way down to Earth and makes new friends. When he has to go back to the moon, his new friends send him a telescope so they can stay in touch!

Ages 4–8 • $17.99

Nature’s Lullaby Fills the Night

This is everything we’re looking for in a bedtime story: Dark, dreamy colors? Check. Gentle rhyming? You betcha. Moonlit sleepy animals? Yes! It’s as sweet and soothing as it is sleepy, making it an ideal nighttime book, complete with tenderly illustrated evening scenes. 

Ages 3 and up • $16.95


Are you a This or a That? When Neither comes along, the community doesn’t know what to do. Neither sets off for Somewhere Else and ends up finding The Land of All, where everyone fits in, even Whatnot. This charming and colorful hardcover left us smiling. 

Ages 2–5 • $16.99