Holiday joy!

It’s almost winter and the holidays are near: What better time could there be to snuggle up and read?

Check out the following titles, all new this year, that help celebrate the season.

Maple & Willow’s Christmas Tree 

These two adorable, sometimes snarky sisters — captured, as usual, in gorgeous drawings by author-illustrator Lori Nichols — are back in a holiday tale that explores yet another life challenge: Allergies!

After finding the perfect holiday tree, the family gets home only to realize one of the girls is allergic to the conifer they’ve just plucked from the forest.

Can Christmas be saved by the other sister, despite her exasperation? Yes, and the outcome is truly heartwarming. 

Ages 3–5 • $16.99

The Biggest Smallest Christmas Present 

Giving the perfect gift isn’t easy — sometimes even for Santa! Pixie-like Clementine isn’t just small for her age.

She’s so little, she actually takes her baths in a teacup and sleeps in a matchbox.

Every year, Santa brings Clementine and her brother amazing toys, but they’re always too big for Clementine to even hold.

She must figure out how to show Santa who she is, despite years of frustrating setbacks during the holidays.

Well, spoiler alert, she does, and Santa nails it with an incredibly thoughtful, ideal gift.

Ages 3–5 • $16.99

Christmas Fun 

This Berenstain Bears sticker and activity book — just the thing for long winter-break days and epic car rides to Grandma’s — includes puzzles, mazes, crosswords, activity pages and 50 reusable stickers, featuring Christian as well as secular holiday themes.

Papa, Mama, Brother, Sister, Honey and the rest of the Bear Country gang come to life on 32 full-color pages. 

Ages 4–8 • $6.99

The Great Spruce 

Alec loves to climb trees, especially the big spruce on his family’s farm.

What happens when the city wants to cut it down to make it an official holiday tree?

Alec and the tree go on a remarkable journey in which he discovers the power of courage, creativity and conservation.  

Ages 5–8 • $17.99