Looking for God

Spirituality can be one of the toughest things to discuss with kids because so much of faith comes from the heart. These selections — though they don’t represent the intricacies of the world’s many religions — are a good place to start. 

Maybe God Is Like That Too

“Grandma, does God live in the city?” a boy asks one morning at breakfast. “Yes,” the matriarch explains. “Whenever you see love, joy and peace, God is there.” Soon the boy is spying signs of spirituality everywhere — hugs from loved ones, the joy of playing, the quiet of his classroom, the kindness of a doorman, his teacher’s patience when he’s tying his shoes, a warm loaf of bread from a neighbor and even his own self-control at bedtime. 

Ages 4–8 • $14.99

Where Does God Live?

A girl named Hope makes it her mission to answer this perplexing question. Her mother tells her the answer is “Heaven, way up in the sky.” Her animal friends tell her, “No, he’s right here on Earth.” It isn’t until Hope talks to her Grandma Rose that she learns: God is really everywhere. 

Ages 2–8 • $17.99

The Birth of Jesus

This 3D gem — from Beaming Books (formerly Sparkhouse), a children’s imprint of Minneapolis-based 1517 Media — features six impressive pop-up designs that tell the Christmas story of Mary and Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem, including appearances from shepherds, angels and animals, too. Also, be sure to check out the Bedtime Bible from Beaming Books ($12.99) packed full of interesting anytime stories for older kids.

Ages 3–7 • $19.99

Psalm Book

The Book of Psalms, it’s been said, is one of the easiest parts of the Bible to understand. This 125-page hardback pulls together some of the most treasured psalm concepts and turns them into prayers that cater to different moods (When Tears Fall), times of day (My Soul Is Like the Dawn), situations (I Can’t Sleep!) and types of praise (Your Works Are Amazing!). “Psalms,” according to the back of the book, “help us talk to God when we aren’t sure what to say.”  

Ages 5–8 • $9.99

When I Talk to You

Acclaimed Australian cartoonist Michael Leunig created this book of prayers using works he had published in Melbourne’s Sunday Age newspaper. Written more like poetry — paired with line drawings of a human and a duck — the prayers in this small-format book are filled with so much, love, grace, humility and wisdom, we can barely stand it. This would be a beautiful gift (or stocking stuffer) for adults, too.

Ages 5 and up • $11.99