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The Lockdown Drill 

School children today don’t just take part in fire drills.

Because of numerous attacks on schools in recent years, kids as young as preschool-age are required to participate in lockdown drills that involve preparing for intruders, typically by hiding.

And that can be scary.

That’s why Tennessee native Becky Coyle — a deputy sheriff and school resource officer — has penned a new children’s book trilogy: Police In Our School, The Lockdown Drill and Who Let the Dog In?

Coyle hopes to reinforce safety rules, but also lessen fear about drills and even school-based police officers.

She said: “It is our job to figure out how to train children without compromising their innocence.”

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Ages 3 and up $12.99

Night before preschool

The Night Before Preschool

In this back-to-school classic — now available as a board book — Billy is so nervous about starting preschool he can’t sleep.

He even gets a tummy ache the first day of school.

But, lo and behold, the boy has a blast as he discovers his new world, including naptime on special mats, boys and girls bathrooms, group snack times, the dress-up box, the playground and even games with friends.

Natasha Wing’s popular series also includes similar books on kindergarten and first grade.

Ages 0–3 $6.99 Available at

Princess Cupcake Jones

Princess Cupcake Jones Won’t Go to School

This second book in the Cupcake series follows the modern- day princess as she tries everything in her power to avoid going to the first day school, including pretending to being sick, hiding and more.

In the end — thanks to her mom, who is always one step ahead of her — Cupcake goes to school, makes new friends and actually has fun!

Ages 5–7 $15.95 Available at

First Grade Here I come

First Grade, Here I Come!

Get ready for another school year with an exploration of first-grade adventures (and misadventures), including a school field trip, pajama day and recess, plus scenes of what it’s like to tackle spelling and math problems, library day, Halloween parties, trouble with friends, lost teeth and more.

Ages 4–6 $3.99 Available at

Very Hungry Caterpillar ABC

The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s ABC

Brush up on the ABCs with this gorgeous new board book, featuring Eric Carle’s classic illustrations.

Each colorful letter introduces a beloved animal.

Ages 1–3 $8.99 Available at