Search and find

Not all reading time must be filled with traditional, narrative stories.

Each of these books tells its own kind of tale, ideal for parents and kids who like a challenge and time spent poring over beautiful printed pages. 

The Lost House

This is one of the hardest search-and-find books we’ve ever seen!

Even after you’ve found everything hidden in its jam-packed, neon-colored pages, it can still be a challenge to go back through to do it all again.

In other words, it’s a keeper. And the story that frames it all — a treasure hunt through Grandad’s disorderly house (to help him find everything he needs for a trip to the park) — is equally precious. (We recommend this one for ages 5 and older.)

Ages 3–7 • $18.99

ABC: The Alphabet from the Sky

Created as a result of the successful Aerial Bold Kickstarter campaign, this unique, 64-pager is filled with aerial photography from around the U.S., featuring all the letters of the alphabet hidden in various landscapes.

It includes an answer key, plus four extra pages of even more letters created by buildings, roads, rivers and other natural elements.

The two MIT guys behind this glossy book used the data they derived from their project to create the first professional typefaces based on planet Earth’s topology.

Ages 3–5 • $18.99 



This large-format (1-foot-square) hardcover includes 14 mazes that start out easy and progress to difficult.

Each two-page spread  is a work of art and also includes search-and-find challenges.

Note: They’re too pretty to draw on, so your kid will have to use a finger, not a pencil.

Ages 7–10 • $19.99