Sleepless in summer

Summer on the North Coast brings with it that mixed blessing of longer days for parents: Yes, it means more daylight for outdoor fun, but it also means putting the kids to bed well before the sun goes down.

Perhaps you can lull your little one to sleep — or at least while away the hours — with one of these new-in-2016 sleep-adventure stories.

They’re packed with excitement, and they all conclude with pictures of blissfully sleeping younglings, too. 


Rock-a-Bye Romp

What kind of family puts their kid to bed “in the treetops” anyway?

If you’ve ever been perplexed by the classic Rock-a-Bye Baby nursery rhyme/lullaby, then this story of a twilight odyssey is for you.

Baby starts out in a tree, but ultimately ends up exactly where Baby belongs.

Ages 1–3 $16.99


In this story (a companion to Jack Mack’s LOOK!), a mischievous gorilla plays the part of a toddler — and a toddler plays the role of the parent (wearing footie pajamas, of course).

Wide awake and actively resisting bedtime, the gorilla can’t stop playing with his toys ... until the boy comes up with a perfectly reasonable solution.

Age 3–5 $16.99

A Recipe for Bedtime

Parents may love this book even more than their kids with its sweet culinary metaphors and adorable illustrations, featuring animals going through the steps of a classic bedtime routine/recipe, including tickle time: “Add raspberries to tum and feet. Check for giggles. Then repeat.”

Ages 0–2 $16.99

Little Sleepyhead

This tender, sweet board book celebrates diversity and the act of winding down after a big day for Baby with a variety of caregivers.

Ages 0–2 $6.99

Spots Loves Bedtime

Spot is ready for bed. But the most important part of bedtime is missing — Teddy! Where the family eventually finds him maybe surprise you.

Ages 3–5 $5.99