Snuggle up!

Here we are in the middle of the coldest season. Is anyone else getting a little restless? You can frolic outside, sure.

But afterward, take advantage of the snuggling season to escape into these absolute gems. Come summer, settling down with books and fuzzy blankets just won’t have the same appeal!

Bunny’s Staycation

Bunny is NOT happy when Mama announces she’s leaving for a business trip. She dreams about hiding Mama’s suitcase, selling it or flushing it down the toilet — until she realizes she could just tag along on the trip! Unfortunately, Bunny can’t go along, but Papa fills the days with adventures that make Mama’s trip seem not so long.

Ages 3–5 • $17.99

Tiny and the Big Dig

Tiny the dog is repeatedly told that he’s too small to dig anything up, but with the encouragement of his owner and his big spirit, Tiny gets exactly what he wants through hard work.

Ages 3–5 • $16.99


Caring For Your Lion

Have you ever been sent a lion when you actually ordered a kitten? It can be a big problem, unless you follow this colorful, comicesque, step-by-step guide, including tips for feeding, playtime, naps, treats, bath time, hair-combing, teeth-brushing and bedtime, too!

Ages 3 and up • $16.95

Mice Skating

This book is worth picking up just for the illustrations. But the story of a sweet, snow-loving mouse named Lucy — who tries to convince her friends that winter is amazing — will warm your heart.

Ages 3 and up • $16.95

Dough Knights cover

Dough Knights and Dragons

Two unlikely (in fact, outlawed) friends look past their differences for their shared love of baking and form a friendship while they share and create recipes — in a cave. When it comes time for the annual dragon-and-knight fight, they find a pacifist loophole through their delicious hobby.

Ages 5 and up • $16.95