Sunny days!

June is a great month to pack up and find somewhere outside to hang out and play. But don’t forget to bring a book for down time and summer reading!

We’ve fallen completely in love with this simply illustrated and hilarious adventure-tracker from Wee Society. Included are stickers, postcards, maps, drawing pages and even a fantastic adventure passport on the cover, which asks for your child’s name, age and number of teeth. There are three different versions of this book — red, blue, yellow — all so cute we’re tempted to start scribbling on the pages ourselves.

$14.99 • Ages 4–8

Ready to go outside and make something? Learn about bees (did you know pizza wouldn’t exist without them?!), discover how to plant a bee-friendly garden and much more with this project-minded book, subtitled And 19 Other Experiments and Activities That Explore the Amazing World of Bees. 

$19.95 • Ages 8–12

Growing a huge squash is on the top of Benji’s spring to-do list. He’s so excited that as soon as he plants the seeds, he’s ready to show Dad the sprouts! Benji learns patience and the joy of growing a garden in this sweet, joyful story.

$16.95 • Ages 3–6

Cute collaged illustrations pulled us into this book and the fun counting exercises held our attention. Follow along counting the leaves as the seasons change with sweet little critters and characters. 

$16.99 • Ages 1–4

Part of a popular series for children and adults, these fun pages — filled with geometric bugs — can help little ones practice fine motor skills and numbers, too. As an added perk, kids might not be afraid of bugs after working with them in a new creative way!

$9.95 • Ages 5–12