Tales for toddlers

One More Tickle!

This new Guess How Much I Love You puppet board book stole our hearts! Its built-into-the-book Nutbrown Hare is super-soft and features floppy ears and little pockets that allow parents to move his head and paws around in realistic, animated ways. “Are you ticklish?” asks Big Nutbrown Hare. “Can I tickle your ears and see?”




From the man who created the cheerful characters of the Backyardigans — Dan Yaccarino — comes a trio of board books, featuring three friends: Clyde (a dog), Glub-Glub (a fish) and Bink (a red, hummingbird-like creature) tackle the key concepts of sharing (Birthday Cake), gratitude (Big Berry), and worry (Rainy Day).

$5.95 each


Where Did All the Dinos Go?

Dinosaurs — with big toothy grins on their faces — live among us in this playful, rhyming search-and-find for the youngest of toddlers. You’ll find dinos playing catch at the playground, driving cars around town, walking to the office on a busy city street and dressed in Western vests and cowboy boots, too!



Follow the Trail: Farm

Help your little ones learn about animals, vehicles and buildings on the farm with photos, illustrations and textured “finger trails” that zig-zag, swoop and encircle all the elements of the farm, teaching shapes and other concepts along the way. Other books in this DK series include Wild Animals, Baby Animals and Trucks.



ABC Animals!

If you’re a fan of Gallop! — the original Scanimation book by Rufus Butler Seder, first published in 2007 — then you’ll be equally dazzled by this new alphabet version, which includes four animals per page. Each creature comes to life (to waddle, amble, swim and more) with the simple turning of a page.