Uniquely me

Variety is the spice of life, and these books celebrate that fact.

Being different is hard, especially for children who are trying to fit in or just beginning to understand societal norms.

These books all feature lessons about how it’s important to be true to yourself and celebrate the diversity in life.

I’m a Girl!

A little mouse who loves to be fast, loud and messy is often mistaken for a boy — even though she’s a girl.

Then she meets a boy who likes playing with dolls, and together they decide that there’s no one they’d rather be than themselves. 

Ages 3–6 • $16.99

I Like Being Me

This book of poems has it all — kindness and friendship, and lessons about making good choices, developing character and celebrating differences.

As one poem says, “Boring, boring, boring / That’s what my world would be / If everybody looked and talked / And acted just like me.”

Ages 4–8 • $9.99

My Cousin Momo

Momo is a flying squirrel who does things a little differently than the rest of his family.

On superhero day, he dresses up as muffin man and no one understands. Other things come up, too, and he gets so frustrated he wants to leave.

His cousins, however, eventually try things Momo’s way to see his perspective of the world. And it turns out Momo knows what he’s doing!

Ages 3–5 • $16.99

Children Just Like Me

Take a trip around the world with big, glossy photos of children from across the globe.

If your little one is curious about what other kids in the world like to do, what they eat, where they live and what their families look like, this book is an endearing geography lesson.

For each copy of this book sold, the publisher will donate a new, age-appropriate book to a child in need.

Ages 3–10 • $19.99

Introducing Teddy

What happens when your friend feels like a girl instead of a boy?

This gentle story explores how a teddy bear — a Thomas who wishes he was a Tilly — navigates gender with friends and how children ultimately want their friends to be happy.

Ages 3–6 • $16.99