Wearable books!

Donnie Lemke, a children’s book editor who lives in St. Paul, and Bob Lentz, an art director in Bloomington, have joined forces — as Lemke & Lentz — to create a cool collection of interactive, die-cut books.

Donnie Lemke with his daughter, Cleo

Bob Lentz with his son, Lincoln

Their super-sturdy Book-O-Beards, Book-O-Hats, Book-O-Teeth and Book-O-Masks board books feature colorful illustrations, catchy rhymes and a variety of wearable masks, ideal for make-believe games and Instagram snapshots.

“What parent doesn’t love seeing their baby’s face on the body of a giraffe?” Lemke said. “Or their own face, for that matter.”

Learn more about these books — $7.99 each and recommended for ages 1 to 6 — at capstonepub.com. Books are available at Red Balloon Bookshop in St. Paul.