$7 Christmas bonnet!

Yesterday was a MAGICAL day to head to a Christmas tree farm!

It snowed during our entire outing at Blackwoods Tree Farm in Stillwater, our favorite local tree farm, rendering the sleds they provide to haul your fresh-cut tree useful on multiple levels. 

The towering frasers were blanketed in snow, making for a soundless, almost mystical forest.

Once again my trusty baby carrier came in handy as we schlepped through the snow and I snapped pictures. #babycarryingforthewin

I smiled knowingly at another mom carrying her baby through the snow-covered farm. #solidarity

Blackwoods had a busy weekend, but it didn't feel crowded yesterday. On Friday, a staff member mentioned, they sold about 350 trees! (They charge a fixed rate of $60 a tree, which is lower than the other tree farms we've visited in the east metro.)

For all the beauty in my midst, I could hardly take my eyes off Kate, now 10 months, who was sporting a festive Christmas bonnet.

I've written before about my love of bonnets, which burst with old-timey charm and also prove functional in fully covering Baby's ears without blocking her peripheral vision. My favorite are the ones topped with a pom. #cannotresist

Typically you had to snag these bonnets from speciality shops such as Etsy. (Briar Baby and Orchard Cove are two well-established shops.) They are lovely but not cheap and often sell out quickly, sometimes sold through a "drop" at a set time.

I've tried to snag a bonnet through a drop before and found myself flustered at the mad dash. It's also inconvenient for a busy mom to set an alarm and perfectly time her purchase! 

So I was delighted to discover this fall that Target has caught on to the trend! Its Cat & Jack line now includes several baby bonnets. They're darling and super affordable, ranging from $8 to $10. And they're on sale today, which is the impetus for this blog post!

I bought Kate the plaid Cat & Jack bonnet in size 6-12 months for $10 at regular price. Today it's just $7! 

The bonnet has a Christmas vibe, with its red and green hues, but would work all winter. 

The Cat & Jack Baby Faux Felt Critter Bonnet is also on sale today for $7 and would work any season. 

(And if you're reading this blog post after Cyber Monday, let me assure you that the full price of $10 is still a steal!) 

How many pictures should one take of Baby in a plaid bonnet at a Christmas tree farm? 

As. Many. As. Possible. 

And then a few more. 

That's exactly what we did. 



A baby hack

I also must share a new winter hack I stumbled upon yesterday at the tree farm. Since mittens are so tricky on babies and usually too big, try sliding a pair of thick toddler socks over their hands. It worked great for Kate! 

She was also covered in a scarf to shield her from snowfall and wind most of the time. 


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