A wart-covered pumpkin to love

I've been on pumpkin look-out for several weeks now, and we happened to be at our local Cub the day the pumpkins arrived out front. 

I couldn't resist. 

I don't know why pumpkins make me so happy, but they do. 

I let Maria make a selection. She quickly zeroed in on a big pumpkin covered in warts. The only one with warts.

In a sea of perfectly smooth, shiny gourds, my girl was drawn to the more interesting one. I loved that she loved it, that she found it in her heart to appreciate the one with the most character.

We all have our challenges as parents. This month Maria started preshcool, and we've been worn out by the rough transition...chiefly, the tearful goodbyes.  

So I take my parenting wins wherever I can get them -- even in the selection of a wart-covered pumpkin. (And FYI, Maria didn't cry or resist yesterday during drop-off to the fourth class, which was a huge relief.) 

Maria named her unique gourd "The Monster," after Farmer Ben's champion pumkin in "The Berenstain Bears And The Prize Pumpkin." 

We've been enjoying all our autumn-themed children's books. I display them in a basket on our vintage ice chest and consider it our best fall decor.

Funny how many of them feature mice with pumpkins...

I'd love to hear your favorite seasonal children's books! Am I missing any good ones? 


 Christina Ries is a freelance writer who lives with her husband and two young girls in Inver Grove Heights. Write her at christina@mnparent.com.