Babies & bonnets

Is there anything better than babies in bonnets? 

Babies in bonnets laying on an old country quilt, perhaps? And a vintage picture book of poetry? 

Well, you're in luck: I've got a new batch of pictures that deliver all those elements. 

Our little polar-vortex baby has traded in her knit hat for a cotton bonnet. And the floral pattern is giving me ALL the springtime feels. 

 Oh, hi there, Kate! 

I got this quilt for $2 at a garage sale here in Inver Grove Heights. (Quilts are expensive at craft sales, when sold by people who logged all the hours to make them. They can be a steal when sold by unappreciative non-quilter recipients trying to downsize.)  

When I spread out the quilt, Maria and Jane instantly gathered around Kate and began reading to her. 

This 1961 book was another garage-sale discovery. (Children's books are on my list of 10 things I buy at garage sales.)

Isn't it gorgeous? 

These vintage finds were captured by my iPhone XS. Natural lighting + portrait mode = happy mama. 

And here's the last insider tip on these Instagram-worthy photos, and it's a home-grown one: the bonnet. A stay-at-home mom in Minneapolis runs a darling Etsy shop called Birch Berry Bonnets. This one, called Emma, is only $13 in Kate's size (0-3 months).

I've declared before that "bonnets are back," lauding their ability to protect Baby's ears without limiting her peripheral view. They're perfect for March days that are warm but windy. 

All the Birch Berry bonnets are super affordable and ship for free. Plus there's a promotion through the end of March to get 20 percent off using the code 20FORYOU. So I scored Kate's for just $10.40.

Crazy, right? 

Spread the word and support a local mama. 

Here's to babies and bonnets, blankets and books!

Here's to the magic they take on, together, on a spring day.    


 Christina Ries is a freelance writer who lives with her husband and four children in Inver Grove Heights. Read all her posts at