Big, beautiful peony crowns for little, beautiful girls

I'm such a sucker for peonies. And for flower crowns.

The combination is irresistable. 

So this morning I crafted a peony crown and took advantage of the June morning light to snap a few pictures. 

Last year I shared my 3-step tutorial to making super-easy flower crowns, and Moms, now is the season to try your hand at it! 

Today I varied the tutorial by grafting three full-bloom peonies to a crown of artificial peony buds I'd wrapped together. I knew the peonies were so huge that they would require a sturdier base. It did the trick. 

I used very little tape, instead wrapping the stem around the crown. I've never combined artificial flowers with real ones on a crown before, but it worked pretty well, allowing for more sizes and creating the effect of peonies in various stages of bloom. 

Last month I followed the tutorial to make dainty little lilac crowns. 

The only thing better than reading this book (a favorite of mine from childhood) outside on a blanket is reading it outside on a blanket in a lilac crown. 

Now is the time to turn those luscious peonies into crowns. Soon it'll be the hydrangeas! Email me your pics! 



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