Cover girls

Eep! We are so excited that Maria and Jane are featured on the cover of the hot-off-the-press October issue of Minnesota Parent.

A huge thanks to the talented women who made it possible: photographer Eva Hagel, Graphic Designer Dani Cunningham, Creative Director Valerie Moe and Editor Sarah Jackson

Ted and I love the photo, of course. It's bright and engaging, sprinkled with autumn magic. We love the design, ably teasing a jam-packed issue full of great content. And best of all, we love that our girls are featured together. These two -- just 21 months apart -- have a special sisterly bond, as evidenced by how closely they are sitting and Maria's hand wrapped around Jane's shoulder. 

I've received a number of inquiries about Maria's classic red-and-white gingham dress (and the darling floral trim!). It was an Etsy find -- available here. The dressmaker, April Scott, also sells Halloween costumes and swoon-worthy capes.

A little back story for you: When I hired Eva to snap some fall photos of the kids, I had intended to focus on individual shots. These two just wound up side by side though. And Eva captured the moment.

Watching the bond between these two has been one of the greatest joys of parenting. I'm fascinated by how dynamic it is: It deepens and sweetens and widens with each passing month. 

Sure, they have their moments. #sharingproblems

But to hear them giggle together, to witness them playing in the tub, to see them curl up to watch a video, Jane's head nestled on Maria's shoulder is to glimpse the makings of a lifelong friendship.

As Eva quoted her Facebook page, citing Marion C. Garretty: "A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost." 

And so, in honor of their newsmaking bond, I'm taking a trip down memory lane, sharing some of my favorite photos of these two (from oldest to newest). Indulge this proud mama! 




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