Everyday dresses for active girls

Introducing Smiling Button dresses -- frocks as cute as the name! 

There's something about these dresses that feels different, like they're designed to be played in and enjoyed, not just unveiled for formal occasions. As the website notes: "We create everyday dresses for little girls that make as much sense for the playground as they do for the dinner table. 100 percent cotton, long lasting, beautiful and easy to clean... Our philosophy is simple: Let kids be kids."

This fun dress, the Camo Tuni, will bring out a girl's inner explorer. 

The dress also comes with sleeves.

Each Smiling Button has a signature smile patch on the front and a darling button closure on the back. 

The Camo Tuni will make a girl want to twirl and hunt -- as only a camoflouge dress can. 

Then there's Smiling Button's Classic Plaid Tuni, a dress that will melt your heart. "Rummaging through the leaves has never felt more right than in our classic plaid," the website notes. 

Learn more at Smiling Button and see the latest on its Instagram account