Meghan vs. Kate: the nervous new mom, the confident experienced mom

I recognized the expression on Meghan Markle’s face at today’s charity polo day in Berkshire.

The look of uncertainty.

Specifically, the uncertainty of a new mom out in public for the first time.

The expression is the same whether you’re a gorgeous princess or a suburban mom, whether you’re at a polo club or in a Hyvee check-out line.



Feigned smiles and baggy clothes.  

I also recognized the expression on Kate Middleton’s face at the polo match.


Dialed in.


The multi-tasking mother of multiple kids.

I recognize both moms because I’ve been both moms.

I remember feeling like Meghan when my firstborn was brand new. I was holding my breath, fearing that she was about to cry, dreading the next time I would have to nurse and then pump and then nurse and then pump.  

Now – six years later – I’m the mother of four. I’m catching my breath, chasing a toddler as I wear my baby in a carrier. I’m still tired. But I love breastfeeding. I have no dread. I’ve learned how to go with the flow. 

For all the speculation about Meghan and Kate’s strained relationship, we really don’t know where they stand.

I do know this: 

Both are busy.

Both have their hands full.

Both are great moms.

The pictures cast them in stark contrast, almost opposition.

But that does not have to be the case.

I hope they are finding ways to do what moms do best: connect and support each other.

I hope the same can be said for you and for me. I hope the Meghans in Minnesota don’t feel psyched out by the Kates. I hope the Kates remember what it felt like to be the Meghans. I hope we can support each other every step of the way.

 We’re all busy.

We all have our hands full.

We’re all great moms.




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