Savor the season

We were about to head into the libary on Thursday evening when the cherry-blossom trees out back beckoned to us, rendering the world pink and perfumed.

They were too glorious to ignore, and Archie was snoozing contentedly in his carseat, so we paused our plans and played beneath their branches. 

It was heavenly.

Eventually we headed inside and enjoyed the library's offerings -- putting on a puppet show, working a few puzzles and reading Thumbalina. 

But that half hour spent luxuriating under the pink blossoms during the "golden hour" was a highlight of my week.

Maria planted herself beneath a tree and worked diligently to make a cherry-blossom crown.

Jane was nearly glowing in her perfectly seasonal embroidered bubble from Bambinos Boutique. (I'm a sucker for hand-embroidered children's clothing, and this darling bubble is the most exquisite I've seen.) 

I couldn't help but pull out my iPhone and photograph her in all her 2-year-old radiance.

It feels like a gift that this spring's bloom of cherry blossoms and crapapple trees came a bit later and, hence, coincides with Mother's Day. They remind us to slow down and savor the season, embrace this stage of life. It is fleeting, and for all its trials, it is bursting with beauty.  




 Christina Ries is a freelance writer who lives with her husband and three young children in Inver Grove Heights. Write her at