Toddler fun at the county fair

We took the kids to the Dakota County Fair in Farmington yesterday and had a grand time. 

I've written before about why we prefer the county-fair scene for toddlers: easy access, smaller crowds, all the food-on-a-stick perks. 

The Dakota County Fair ends tomorrow, but there are a number of county fairs in Minnesota remaining

The girls loved seeing all the animals. The goats, once again, were a favorite for Jane. 

The $5 pony rides were a big hit.

 They loved playing in the Dakota City Heritage Village, whose buildings felt just their size.

"In the olden days, they didn't have the Internet," I told Maria. "They didn't watch YouTube." 

"They just picked berries," Maria responded.

"And they didn't have furnaces," I continued, "so they used this little stove to warm up." 

"Or they rubbed sticks together," she said. 

That too. 

Archie hung out contentedly in the carrier.

And of course, we all feasted. 

Here's the girls' we're-getting-cotton-candy dance.

Maria let Jane have the first handful and delighted in watching her enjoy it.

A good time was had by all! 



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