Unicorn photo shoot coming to Lakeville

I was ready to pile the kids into the van and head to Des Moines when I first heard about Lemon and Lace Studios' upcoming "Glitter and Glam Fairy Sessions."

My daughters' love of fairies is matched only by their love of unicorns, and this one-of-a-kind photo shoot combines the two. Girls arrive and get transformed into fairies, choosing from nearly 50 dresses, getting their hair and nails done and adding accessories. Then they head out for some fairy magic, where they may encounter fireflies, butterflies, glitter, a special lantern to light their way and -- drum roll -- a real unicorn! 

While the average photo shoot feels to a young child like torture, this one feels like a fantasy. It sparks their imagination, fosters their sense of wonder and results in keepsake photos. 

Then I learned the good news: Lemon and Lace Studios is bringing its "Glitter and Glam Fairy Sessions" to Minnesota for a day! On Sunday, June 16 "Glittery and Glam Fairy Sessions" will be offered in Lakeville on a beautiful property with a brown unicorn and a pond. 

There are a limited number of sessions available that evening, so book soon if you're interested. (Yes, it's Father's Day. Bring Dad along for a memorable outing or celebrate together earlier in the day and then gift him with a cigar and a quiet house that evening.)

Pricing starts at $250 for one kid and $295 for two kids; the price goes up as you add more edited images. You can split a session if your daughter wants to do a joint session with a friend or cousin. (How cute are these twin fairies?) There's also an option to dress a child as a lost boy, which I'm planning for Archie.

Lemon and Lace offers these "Glitter and Glam Fairy Sessions" throughout the Midwest twice a year, so stay tuned for future adventures.

I can't wait for my fairy-loving girls to experience this. I'll be sure to blog again afterwards to share our takeaways and pictures. 



Christina Ries is a freelance writer who lives with her husband and four children in Inver Grove Heights. Read all her posts at mnparent.com/charmed